Monday, May 31, 2010

My life is now this....

 Our house....what a mess!!

as of Thursday evening our house was taken over by....well  CONSTRUCTION ZONE!!  Yes, we are the lucky winners of sewer construction for the next MONTH (if all goes well that is)!!

Which is fine and all, but then again not so fine!!  Fine because Abby and the kids were here and B loved seeing all the machines.  Not so fine due to the fact that I now have no where to park!!!

Friday morning we were all up bright and early.  I had to take the day off from work for another doctors appointment.  However, I would like you to note we were not up early for that, but instead because the WORKERS were here!    Needless to say little B was LOVING the was very up close and personal too.  After stalking the workers for some time we headed out.  Abby and the kiddos were kind enough to take me to the doctor!!  Believe me it was probably the most "action" that waiting room had seen in a while...a 2 year old boy and 6 year old song writer, lots of action!  Then we followed up with some playing at Fil A as little B would say (Chick Fil A in non 2 year old talk).

A few pics of B loving life....

boys will be boys...and this one is ALL boy....
a rock, the bulldozer missed! 

After lunch we were off for some shopping for the wedding.  Abby and I had big plans of taking care of many wedding things this weekend.  We got the post cards (that I won from a blog) made and sent off.  Also the wording for my encore celebration ready to be printed.  Picked up Brian's wedding outfit.....and much more,

Did I mention that we also CAUGHT some bandits (What E calls bad people who steal)!!!  This was our most exciting event of the day!!  That's right

Well as stated above...B loved all the tractor, bulldozers, and excavators that were right outside of the house. Once little B woke up from his nap we took off to for dinner and such.  While we were leaving I said lets drive by the excavator (that is literally almost in our drive way), so we turned the corner to find......something a bit interesting.

It was now 6:15 pm but there was a dark (what I thought was black) GMC truck in front of our driveway.  There was a man and woman, both probably in their  40-50's.  The man was loading up the CITIES GREEN SEWER PIPES into their truck!!!  Both Abby and I realized that this is NOT RIGHT!!!  Abby states, I think they are stealing those pipes...E gets very excited to know we are calling the police.  Of course these "bandits" were in no we got their plate numbers and called 911.  While on the phone with them I continued to circle around "out of sight" of see that they loaded up 3 pipes.  Once the police had the info we headed to the Gap our original destination.  As we get on to the main road...guess who is in front of us....THE BANDITS.  I then call the police back to tell them that the truck was really HUNTER GREEN, not black like I originally thought.  Also informing them that the bandits were now headed down the major they should look there.

As we were shopping at the Gap, I received a phone call from the police.  The man wanted a few more details about the people we saw and such.  He also claimed that rarely ever does the description of the car and plate numbers match.  (we of course knew they would b/c they people were there forever in BROAD DAYLIGHT stealing)  I told the man that they were in no rush...making it easier for use to get that copied down.  He then told me they were in pursuit of the criminals and wanted to confirm their descriptions for arresting them.   E was so excited about the whole thing...B just kept saying police, police, police.  E was trying to figure out why they would want the pipes any ways...She came up with many different reasons.
A good lesson was learned by all.  You make a bad decision, then get caught, and have to pay.

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Abby said...

You failed to mention that three trips ago Chris introduced E to Cops. She just knew she was on an episode of Cops!!