Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I am very lucky this year because mom came to hang out with me on Mother's Day!!!  I thought and thought about how to post this Mother's Day blog....and well I think really there is only one thing to do!

Mom you are amazing.  You are the reason I am the very strong willed and sucesseful person I am.  I am thankful for your love.  I know I am just like you, thus creating some problems (hard headed..ha ha ha). However, that also means I am going to be the most amazing woman because of you.

I love you!!! I am so happy I got to spend Mother's Day with you too.


Abby said...

So sad that I had to miss the fun! Glad everything "came out" ok!! Miss yall

Abby said...

Opps posted on the wrong entry, but none the less. I love our MOM too! She is the best ever!!

That picture makes me laugh, it's from the Mom's Day that I was prego with Emery. I was felt so terrible but we had a fabulous time!!