Monday, July 05, 2010

Friday, dress rehearsal

(note to self….I have many pics in all wedding post. Sorry but I love them all and this is narrowed down, yikes)

I woke up early again….I just think it is b.c I was so excited for the big day!   Anyways I headed out with dad to meet all the guys prior to the golf adventure.  My mom had found some golf goodies that she wanted to hand out to the guys…I bagged them up for each golfer. 

golf bag goodies Each bag had a nice golf towel and a sleeve of balls…they are playing next to the ocean!

chris golf towel Of course Chris’ towel needed to be “GROOM”ed up….so I had his monogrammed for fun

The guys (Z mostly) were very excited to be playing at such an amazing course Roco Ki.  Of course just as the guys were loading up the van….POORING RAIN!!! Ah (all b.c of hurricane Alex)  No worries though the guys pushed on…and away the went. It even stopped raining long enough for them to enjoy their game.

I headed back to the room to get a few other things together.  Around 9ish the troops woke up and we headed to eat.  While we were eating we ran into more of the wedding gang.  Next of course we had to head to the BEACH!! Maria, Wiggs, and I picked up Abby, Brian, and the kids from the kiddy pool (which B LOVED!!).  Off to the beach we went.  We had such a nice time hanging out with everyone.  Chris’ mom and sisters were there too; as well as his cute nieces!  The whole gang hung out on the beach till around lunch time.

DSCF0057 Abby, my aunt Alice, Riley, E, and Maddie all enjoying the waves.

DSCF0046On of my new sister in laws, Riley, and one of our flower girls


All our “VIP” girls….flower and bubble girls! DSCF0049  DSCF0067 Chris older sister Melissa and her girls, Little Emily and Maddie!! Too cute!

DSCF0062 Mom and I…not the best pic b.c there was still water on the lens!

DSCF0058 Wiggs look’n good….

maria wiggs n i in ocean Maria, Wiggs, and I loving the ocean

us girls relaxn on beach bed all of us enjoying the beach….ahhh the life!

For lunch we headed back to the Reserve pool!  There we meet up with the guys who had just finished golfing.  The whole group was eating, drinking, and living it up.  

(many pics to follow….)DSCF0111 DSCF0112 DSCF0072 DSCF0079 DSCF0080 DSCF0083 DSCF0085 DSCF0089 DSCF0093 DSCF0099 DSCF0105 DSCF0109However soon mom, dad, and I had to head out too finish up wedding details.  We met up with Miguelina (my amazing wedding planner) and handed over 2 suitcases of goodies! All items that mom gathered to make my tables look fabulous.

Around 5:30 it was time for me to get ready for our big rehearsal.  My whole family cleaned up and looked AMAZING.  The kids all had on their cute shirts that I had made for them.  I LOVED THEM!! I think the kids liked them too.

pre reheasal dinner fam pic6:00 we were all at the main lobby doing our part!  We practiced as B would say…..he walked down holding Jacks hand like a pro.  Thank goodness we had Jack to help us out.  The rehearsal went wonderfully, then we were off to dinner. 

back of rb shirt

The boys in their shirts….below is a close up!

back of rb shirt-1


  Below is the flower girl shirt….and the one with out them on!e flower girl shirt

DSC_0257Sadly I don’t have a picture of his nieces in their shirts…but they were our BUBBLE girls!  They made sure every guest had bubbles prior to our entrance to the ceremony.  Here is their shirt below…..oh and their last name is ROCK so it was perfect.

DSC_0252  ***ALL WEDDING ITEMS WERE MADE BY MY SISTER’S FRIEND CHRISTY……I will have another post with every item after the wedding day….for now stop by her blog here. Yes, she blinged up my swimsuit from yesterday’s post too!!!

We had dinner at the Gabi Club.  Everyone got to enjoy a little bling ring and have some fun.  Sadly just as we were finishing up Little Bear got sick!!  Poor baby, I could see it coming but didn’t make it fast enough with the wine bucket (closest bucket around).  Oh no….she now had the same stomach bug B had 2 nights ago.   Abby, mom, and I knew we were in for another night of fun.  Thankfully we had sheets left over from B’s episode, and just called housekeeping for a few more.  I think by this point they knew we were not messing around and just brought us as much as they had.  So both Little Bear and B are now sleeping on pallets on the floor with sand buckets.

sick bed(how you sleep when sick on vacation….not too fun)

  I hate that she got sick and the night before the wedding!!! YIKES. Off to bed….tomorrow is the WEDDING DAY post!!!

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