Saturday, July 17, 2010

My teacher goodies are here….

Well since I am now married…I have had to change EVERYTHING…even my teaching items.  There is this wonderful lady, Debbie Spence, in town who makes the cutest stuff.  She made my old name plate 4 years ago.  However, Chris is so super sweet he had her make me a new one. 


Not only does she make name plates she also makes LOCATION boards.  Chris gave me mine last year for Christmas…again a new name, a new board!  Plus since I switched schools I changed animals.  My old board had the cutest monkeys…but now I am a BEE!!!



Love them….both!  They are so cute!  The kids love to be in charge of changing our location too.  If you want to see all of her other products click here.  Debbie can pretty much make anything you ask for. Plus she is having a SALE this weekend!!  Hurry go check it all out!!!

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