Saturday, July 17, 2010



A lot has occurred in our 3 weeks of marriage….the first week was spent enjoying our HONEYMOON!!  The other two weeks have been very busy.  We of course spent a lot of time with our pup!  We missed him so much…

DSC_0550-1 The cute hair cut and bandana Winston came home with!! We love the 4P Doggie Dude Ranch…they are the best kennel around!!!  We absolutely LOVE them…if you live in the DFW area I really recommend that you take your pup there.  They live on property making pick up and drop of so easy!!  The take each dog in as if its there own.  Oh and their rates are very reasonable!!

DSC_0554 The boys favorite thing to do “NAP”

DSC_0627-2 DSC_0580-1  DSC_0603 DSC_0607 DSC_0673 Then Chris had a little ankle surgery…So well I have spent the last 3 days playing NURSE EMILY!!  Also his family is in town visiting too.  We have spent some great family time with them while they are here.  He will be in a cast for 3 weeks (if he follows the rules, no pressure or driving), then a boot for another 3.  I am sure at the Encore Celebration he will still be in the boot…but I hope that he is not!


Chris and his sister Riley….and then their BIG smiles below! IMG_0088 Riley and I…I love my new sister in laws, they are so sweet! IMG_0090 IMG_0091 Hunter and Whitney! Loving the fun can’t you tell…

Oh and did I mention….Chris did finally decided that we should sell our his house.  (you know so we can have an “OUR” home) Yeah so while I am busy putting wedding gifts in the cabinets and taking out the old.  I am to also suppose be packing up the house so we can sell it.  Oh and taking care of Mr. Gimp, moving into my new classroom, taking my summer training hours, and well watching my niece and nephew for a week.  You know just a few things to do here!  All in all I have tidied up the house enough that I think people wont walk in and then immediately RUN OUT.  You know it is not at all how I would really want it to look…but for all the things I have going on, it will have to do!  Our realtor is super sweet…and thinks it will go fast! Which is what you want to hear when selling a house; except WHERE WILL WE GO when it does sell! YIKES

I thought once you had the wedding things were to settle down and such.  Not here at my house, here is looking a head to the next few weeks:

  • Monday and Tuesday training all day…
  • Tuesday I head down to EC to watch my sweet niece and nephew (CHRIS IS ON HIS OWN!! YIKES) till the following Tuesday
  • Get home and begin un packing my school storage unit into my NEW CLASSROOM! YIPPEEEE
  • Chris heads out of town the second I get back for work, BOOO for him.
  • August 2-6 Finalize ideas, flowers, and plans for the Encore party
  • August arrives with our ENCORE party on the 7th!
  • August 6th out of town guest arrive and the fun begins
  • August 7th Encore Celebration….PARTY ON!!
  • August 8-13 Last week of SUMMER to enjoy…oh and WORK IN MY CLASSROOM
  • August 16: Summer is officially OVER! Teacher work week begins.

Now this is just the next 3 weeks or so of my life….Oh and did I mention that all my moving out went well because I had Chris (and my MOM) helping me, but now HE IS IN A CAST!!!  Maybe I can talk my MOM into coming back down! Looks like I am on my own for a while here.  Hope your summer is finishing out a little calmer than mine!

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