Tuesday, July 06, 2010


As promised from my “lazy" post….here is a look into our welcome bag goodies.  First of all I think welcome bags are what you want to put in them.  I did much on-line research for some good ideas and tips.  I walked away with a few extra pointers.  Mostly mom and I just grabbed things we thought would help or work well in the Dominican.  Each couple, family, or single person got a bag of goodies.  That way if 2 singles were rooming together they still got their own goodies.


  • BAG: First of all we began by looking into different bag options: a woven bag with monogramming, a cheap bag with no other purpose, or a reusable bag.  I opted for the reusable one that was not covered in our names or anything.  I mean I do want my friends to maybe use them again.  Mom and I both hit up Pier One and together found enough bags.  Another bonus was that the bag was plastic like material, thus allowing sand and water to stay off!
  • 22 0z mug…. for each person, even kids!

mug in sand

back of mugNow this I did plaster our names and such on.  Since we were at a “hot” location with free beverages, I wanted our guest to have a larger insulated cup to use. The mug has both Chris and I’s first initial and then our last initial. Then we placed the shells from our wedding invitation on it too.  On the back is a little info on how we met…with our wedding date.  Just something fun for all.  Chris Wilson made our wonderful mugs….click here for his goodies.

  • Flip Flop luggage tags: I picked this up at Michael’s with their coupon.  I used these to help name the bags…if you note from the picture above.  Then after the wedding the guest could use them for their luggage if they wanted to.
  • Bride on the beach invitation: Luckily I have a great sister with super friends.  My sister and her friend found these at a shop going out of business so they were more of a normal price, ha.  I used these to put all the welcome info on.  Things they needed to know about the resort and such! Also these were tied on the bag so guest would see them first. (also they were in wedding colors, aqua and yellow…perfect)
  •  Hand written note:  Chris found cute blue notes with a shell on them.  I used them to personally write each guest a note welcoming and thanking them for coming.  Chris and I really wanted everyone to understand how grateful we were.
  • Food: each bag had food for all….we put in fruit snacks, granola bars, cheese and peanut butter crackers, m&m, animal crackers, and much more.  Basically we wanted to make sure there were some snacks around for the guest; the guys used them when golfing too!
  • Body Scrub: everyone needs a scrub for their shower! Mom really insisted on this one because in the Dominican wash clothes are hard to find. 
  • Water toys: everyone needs a water bomb to throw and play with in the pool or ocean.
  • Water: Personalized water for each guest to enjoy. I used the Michael’s printable labels.  No we did not pack 50 bottles of water…we got those from the resort thankfully!


  • Texas Pecan Praline:  these were a little piece of Texas.  Chris’ friend owns this amazing nut company so I couldn’t resist putting in a goodie. Check out his stuff here

  • To much Funitis kit: I found this in a magazine and loved it….basically I made a little bag of individual Advil, Imodium, sanitizer wipes, band-aids, and alkazelser.  All things one may need if not feeling so well after a long night.
  • Nail file: you never know when you will have a nail break or something else….plus they were cute!
  • Bath fizzy: to help you relax and enjoy your vacation.
  • Deep Aqua body lotion: I loved this one!!! Bath and Body has been having 1 dollar promotional lotions for their new scents.  I picked up 30 of these for my bags…I mean after all our wedding colors were AQUA and yellow.  Plus it smelled great and was in a travel size.

Deep Aqua Body Lotion - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works

  • Picture Card: This was a HOW TO card for all the guest.  I created a photo share site at shutterfly prior to the wedding.  This card gave the step by step directions on how to upload and view photos from all guest.  Now if guest want copies of these they can download them or click and print.  Everyone wins from this; and you don’t have to worry about those disposable cameras on your wedding tables.  (Thus far many guest have use this too….its super I love seeing all the pictures)


  • Kid items: in the kid bags we put extras like….jump ropes, kites, water toys, pads to write on, sand toys, and other fun things to help keep them a little busy!

Here is a view of just part of one of the family bags with kids….they got 2 bags to hold all items.


Okay so I am sure there are some items I forgot to write about….but honestly I just can’t keep up with it all! Ha, I try!  If I forgot anything I will try and up date later. Okay now the wedding day post can be done……dun dun du dunnn dun dun du dunnn….


Abby said...

Such good stuff. We loved it all. Emery is super in love with the lotion!

Kara said...

great bags!

i think those invites worked super cute for your info sheets