Friday, July 30, 2010

Wedding pictures...

Okay I know I have been the worst blogger ever....however I have many reasons why.  If you aren't aware just check my last post!  Ha

Okay so Jonathan, our wonderful photographer, has posted a few sneak peaks of our pics.  Check out his pics here.  I have viewed them all but wanted to let him post first!  Plus I am swamped with an injured hubby, school starting, oh and our Encore party this coming weekend!!  Enjoy the two pics he has and expect a great post later this week!!

Oh and Christy also blogged us up...go view it here!  We loved all our personalized items.  Thanks Christy.

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Marla said...

I found you through the Texas Bloggers. Stopping by to say hi. My hubby and I had a beach wedding (at Sandals), too, so I have enjoyed looking through your photos. They are gorgeous!!!! Brings back memories of our own wedding. :) And you are so lucky to have your marriage license already. It took us 4 months to finally get ours. Lol!