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No longer a MISS!!!

wedding items

Saturday….oh Saturday, a day I have been waiting for since September 5, 2009.  Of course I hardly slept the night before for 2 reasons: 1. The wedding and 2. Hoping Little Bear would stop being sick.  Poor sweet girl, around 7 am she finally stopped throwing up and was sleeping well.  Dad and I got up and headed out to eat breakfast.  While there we ran into my sweet Aunt Alice and Uncle Richard.  We enjoyed a nice breakfast then went to check on the others.  B and Brian were up and around….

b ready for the beach weddin day isn’t he so stinking cute!!!

At 10:00 mom, dad, and I had to meet with Miguelina for the FINAL weather decision.  I am not sure if I told you but….ALEX tried to ruin my wedding. I have a super friend from meteorology school that was so kind.  Every day Katie (who is a meteorologist in Tyler, TX) would send me forecast via Facebook.  She is so sweet….so I had checked her forecast prior.  Then when I meet with Jennifer and Miguelina they both urged that I move the ceremony inside for a chance of rain.  However, I too who had 2 1/2 years of meteorology school, looked at the radar to see that Alex had passed us FINALLY.  I stood my ground…even though it was tough, and said, “NO the BEACH ALL THE WAY!!!” Both Jennifer and Miguelina said…ummm we will let you wait till 12:30 but that is as we can wait.  I told them wonderful, but I was not going to change my mind.

After that dad and I picked up Abby, Maria, Wiggs, and Sam….and headed to lunch.  We ventured out to the little Italian restaurant.  I was a bit worried…because it was close to where Chris was at.  However, we all ate more than enough to make us happy.  As we were eating lunch Abby of course said, “This is your last meal as a Mud….” Oh my I couldn’t believe it but she was right.  It was kind of sad and exciting that at my next meal I would be a Rob…. Wow it is all coming together.  Once we finished up lunch we rushed home to get ready for hair.

julie and i wedding day We ran into Julie as we loaded up the trolley back

Abby had her hair appointment first…while she headed out I showered and got ready too.  Then I took off to the spa for my hair appointment.  Little Bear was suppose to join me, but she was still sleeping. (which we wanted her to do so she would be okay for the wedding).  As I arrived Abby was finishing up.  She looked so beautiful and I felt confident that my hair would go as planned. 

Once I sat down to begin Wiggs showed up with the much needed picture I forgot in such a rush….Thanks Wiggs.  Then Abby went to check on Little Bear.  No sooner than we had begun when Jonathan (our AMAZING photographer) showed up to begin his pictures. Now it really was feeling REAL!!!

getting hair done

Getting ready for the wonderful hair do!!hair done 2 hair done 3hair finishedJust as I finished up in walked the crew….Little Bear looking a bit better and ready for her hair too.  She and I even had on our matching towel wraps!  (yes made by Christy)

E hair done

I headed back home….fully expecting to be on the trolley like normal.  Oh no Wiggs and I got to ride in style in a KIA mini van back to our room.  They said Brides must not worry about their hair!  Ha….I got back to the room around 3:45 to find many of my girls already there.  It was so fun to have everyone around in our room getting ready.  All my bridesmaids looked so beautiful….as if I needed to worry.  Although not all of them loved the yellow dress, they all pulled it off amazingly.

bms getting ready In our room we were busy getting ready.  The Florian and Jonathan were working hard catching all our memories.  I on the other hand were in great hands….Wiggs!  She was so wonderful and did my make up for me.  Yes!!!  I WORE MAKEUP!! I know a big shocker, and I think even Kara would have been proud.  The guys were busy upstairs getting ready as well.  You know it is funny because the whole day seemed so normal…yet it wasn’t.  I really wasn’t worried or nervous, only nervous about the rain!

wiggs doing my makeup

wedding dress in window  oh my dress…I love it so much

abbey and bAbbey and B waiting and watching!!! Too cute

After both Jonathan (photographer) and Florian (videographer) were both ready…I put on the dress!!!  It takes an army to put on a wedding dress.  Okay maybe not an army but a wonderful mom and sister.  They took their time tying me up in that sucker and then making sure my boob fat was not out (my biggest pet peeve).  Finally I was a BRIDE!!!  We then did some quick photos around the area. 

First to get in the dress….  putting on dress 1 putting on dress 2 putting on dress 3putting on dress 4 putting on dress 5putting on dress 6Now mom is helping me put on my earrings.  These are the same earrings Abby wore on her wedding day.  Then mom helped me put on my grandmas pearl necklace.  It was like she was there with me…putting on ear rings putting on necklace


flower girl n jack getting readylook how sweet these three are

pre wedding photoshoot a quick photo op…

bm circle around mepictures for the video..

Once the guys loaded up their trolley and headed out it was our turn.  My family and bridesmaids loaded up in the trolley, however dad and I did not.  Instead we got to ride in a KIA over to the location.  Dad and I found it very fitting since his car dealership sales KIAs. 

bm on trolleydad and i in carThe drive over was fun and exciting.  Dad was so cute…he said, “well you still have a moment here to change your mind!”  I just laughed…and said oh yeah lets just head out instead…It was funny.  I asked him if he was nervous, but no…I don’t know it was very calming for me.  In no way was I nervous…is that normal?  Once both trolleys unloaded and Miguelina had the guys in place it was time to start.  Luckily the beach is down a little hill so I could get out and not be seen by Chris.  As I got out of the car my beautiful bridesmaids began the walk……

our wedding ceremony site-1 here is our ceremony site before we all arrived…

(more tomorrow…of course it takes 2 post or it would be picture OVERLOAD!!)

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