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Okay so here is the deal….I could sit here and blog about EACH day of our wedding week adventure, which is fine.  However, my sister who did not go on a honeymoon has already begun that task.  Therefore I am just going to LINK you all to her blog for each day.  You can read the fun details there and I can give you the quick points here!  HA


(you can all be thankful I saved you from seeing my whole fat body….ha!!!  Have to sport all my cute gear when I can!!)

Wednesday:  my points

  • guys enjoyed a day of golfing to only be POORED on when they got to the 16th hole.
  • we (mom, Abby the kiddos and I) headed to the beach of course
  • met up with the Flax babies (who we loved to see)
  • had to leave the beach early due to POORING RAIN
  • once back to the room we all began WELCOME BAGS!!!  Thanks to (little) Abbey Flax who was a major help.
  • Dad arrived in time to help make bags…ha ha ha
  • the night ended on a sour note with poor Little B getting sick….he was sick all night long

For more DETAILS please click here….Abby did great with details and pictures.


Thursday: Time to welcome all the guest!!!! my quick points:

  • woke up again to early!!!
  • got dressed headed out to the beach for a bit
  • once dad got done golfing we put up camp in the main lobby
  • from noon til 5 dad and I welcomed each guest as they arrived…some on time, some a little late (again due to RAIN)
  • 5 pm a little stressed because of all people who were delayed the most THE GROOM!!! STILL NOT HERE
  • 6 pm load up all welcome bags and head for the welcome dinner
  • 6:30 everyone arrived, EVEN THE GROOM!!!
  • Party with friends and family for the rest of the night

For more details about the whole day, click HERE.


Now tomorrows blog will be a REAL one from me an not a lazy one….plus I will openly share all the goodies we put in each bag for our guest! (you can read more on Abby’s page too… if you can’t wait….ha)

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