Friday, July 09, 2010

I love the look on his face….

groomsmen waiting

when he saw me come up the hill and through the gazebo.

Chris looking at me 1st timeas Little Bear would say….that is the “smile” she loves, and so do I!  Everyone made it down the isle well…even my ring bearers and flower girls.  They looked so cute and like professionals.  Who says that 2 year olds can’t do it…he did an amazing job thanks to Jack. 

sister walking donw

my sister walking down..the Dominican Trio that played our music… trio band flower girls walkn ring b walking down ringbear starfishAfter that it was my turn.  You know it’s crazy because as I began walking down the isle all I could see was Chris.  I totally didn’t see my beautiful decorations or anything!  It wasn’t until after when we came back to take pictures that I saw how BEAUTIFUL everything turned out.  

 dad seein me first time

Here is dad seeing me for the first time…in my dress! (I forgot to add that to yesterday’s post)

dad n i walking 1 Here we go…down the isle!!dad n i walking 2 dad giving me away

Here Mark our pastor is asking my father who gives this woman….and thankfully Chris ready to take me on! 

at alterI love this picture because it shows both my mom and dad with me prior to him passing me off to Chris…PERFECT!

We made it down the isle with no problems.  The wedding was amazing…it went perfect.  There were many viewers around us from what I hear.  However, I never even noticed them.  I guess Chris and I were both too into the moment to see what was happening around us.  Our ceremony lasted about 30 minutes.  It was so beautiful to hear the sound of the waves crashing as Mark spoke to us, and a small breeze keeping everyone cool.  He did an amazing job with the ceremony…I wouldn’t have change a thing!! Chris and I both made it through the vowels and I do’s with out tears or stumbling of words. 

saying vowels 2 Don’t get me wrong it I was close to crying…and well I am pretty sure some others did cry! (I have it on video…he he he) Then we continued on to the sand ceremony…

pouring sand We mix yellow and aqua sand to show our joining of two lives.  Then it was topped off with sand from the beach, to be a piece of where we promised our lives together.  Well after the sand ceremony comes the

FIRST KISS as Mr. & Mrs!!

first kiss 1 All I can say is it was the perfect kiss…now we are husband and wife!!

my married face!and this is my I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M MARRIED face!! as we walked down the isle.

married walking awayDon’t we both look so happy!!  Well it is because we are!   Only moments after we said I Do and walked down did the most amazing thing happen.  A RAINBOW formed across the sky…I know that it was sent by a special person to show their happiness!!!

rainbow after-1After seeing the rainbow we proceeded to pictures….pictures…pictures…. While we did this the other got to enjoy a few cool beverages at the reception site by the pool.  

Here are a few of the ones guest took…Of course once Jonathan finish I will post the “professional” ones!!

Here we go!!  We all got our champagne (the guest got there glass when entering the wedding),   and are ready to SMILE our HEARTS out!! ready for pictures

The wedding party….everyone looks so amazing!!! I love this picture

wedding party

Chris and B before the wedding Chris and B right before wedding

Chris with Jack what a cute pictureChris and Jack befoe

Chris and Mark…great job Mark you made us feel so at ease with everything…Thanks Chris and Mark

The kids loved dancing around in the gazebo…Look how precious this pic of B is crazy b

This one was just after…E still not feeling the best but she did an amazing job!  Thanks Little Bear!!! Oh and sweet B loving his sister so much…look at that face.

E and B waiting to walk

My precious Flax BABIES…well not babies any more!!!  Love you all are the best flax babies at wedding

Here was the pic of the boys loading up for the wedding…guys in trolley

OH and the famous…JUMP picture that sometimes works and well other times does not!  I am pretty sure we didn’t work it out…even though we tried 4 times! HA  jumping pic

Here the boys are breaking it down again…look at those moves!! kids dancing

Once we finished up the pictures Chris and I headed over to the reception site.  We walked it to BUBBLES everywhere!!! It was so beautiful….The reception was a blast.  We had super food, plenty of drinks, friends, family, and great music.  It was everything I dreamed of!!  My mom’s decorations made the tables sparkle from every angel. first dance Our first dance

cake table

Our cake…

Chris and I's table

Chris and I’s table…


The pool side reception tables..

timmy w tables

Timmy, Chris’ bro, helping show off the tables…


And the BAR of course!!!

buffettThe buffet area were all the supper yummy food was served.  

After everyone ate dad and I had our first dance, with Chris and his mother joining us. 

dad and i dancing

Then we had FIRE DANCERS come out and do a little show…which was amazing.  I would never pick that to be my job.  Speeches were made, cake was cut and eaten (not smashed in faces); then the DANCE PARTY BEGAN!!!

My family before we arrived to the reception.

my family at reception

Mom and dad enjoying the wedding…Thank you for the wedding of my dreams!! You are the best ever! I love you!! mom and dad wedding

me and the girls

My VIP girls….flower girls and bubble girls! LOVE YALL!220 gang

All the girls and I…what a fun night to share with them.  Thanks guys! alison julie and i married

chris and i dancing Chris and I having a blast…we were all a bit HOT!

chris dipping me dancing w uncle richard

My uncle Richard and I dancing it up…

dad and richardNow dad and uncle Richard can enjoy being free men…they have both just married off children!!

little bear and I dancing

Little Bear and I enjoying the night together…dancing girls!  little bear and I wedding day

Maria and I!!   She caught my bouquet!!  Go Maria!1Maria and I  Of course there are over 1000 pictures…I couldn’t use them all!  Don’t kid your self I would love to…these are just the ones I have downloaded on my computer. 

Finally at the end of the night…we threw the bouquet and tossed the garter…

my garder face1

Me sitting down getting ready for the big event!!!Chris takn off garder

Little Bear did not approve of this…because Chris used his TEETH!!! Here is my face on the matter too!!

my garder face

Timmy caught the garter…how fun for him.  Sadly the party had to wrap up sometime! The end had come to a PRETTY FREAKN AWESOME day!! 

Chris and I were handed the key to our NEWLYWED ROOM!!  Away we went!!!

room key

I will probably be posting many more pictures as I have time to down load more!  So for now if you want to read my sisters side to the Wedding day events click HERE!

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It all looks amazing. You looked so pretty! Congrats to the married woman!