Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Yes, technically it was official in God’s eyes on June 26, 2010.  However, on Saturday we got our marriage license completed and OFFICIAL!!


I was so stinking excited about that…why?  Well, because I have the summers off and can get all the NAME changing done.  Plus my summer is running away from me quickly!  Actually I am sad to see that it is really almost over!! YIKES…

Therefore my lack of blogging is kind of explained, right? Well let’s see I spend yesterday CHANGING my life.  I am so happy to be moving to a name a bit easier to say and spell.  Although it is weird that I wont be know as who I have been for um 29 years.  I mean some people don’t use their last names as much…but every since college it seems I use mine a lot.  I was in a sorority with 3 other Emily’s so therefore you got called by, well, your last name.  Then coming into teaching you are called by your last name everyday.  Not only do the kids call me it, but you know all your coworkers do to.  Most of us refer to each other by last names in or out of school.  Today when I spent the day at training with all my old teacher friends (I will miss them this next year), they kept calling me by my OLD last name.  It was so funny to listen to them start to say my name, then hesitate and correct themselves.  I still am not use to my NEW married name, but come August I probably will be. 



(back to my story…sorry for the major derail there)  

Yesterday I woke up early to be AT THE DOOR when the social security office opened.  I have heard from MANY, MANY, MANY people that the place gets packed quick.  Therefore I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t spend my WHOLE day there.  I walked in the door at 9:05 (5 minutes after it opened) and walked out with in 20 minutes!  I was so stinking excited.  Chris couldn’t believe that it didn’t take at least an hour.  I guess on Mondays, there are not many NAME changes….mostly people wanting to get paid on someone else's social security and such!  Since that went so well I thought why not keep it up!

I headed over to the DMV with my “new” social security card that say’s I have changed my name.  I walk in there at about 9:50ish….to get my paper work and WAIT!  I wAIted, and WaiTEd, and WaITed….They had only ONE worker taking in the applications!  It was crazy talk I mean really.  Finally at 11:25 I walked out a NEW WOMAN, with my “new” paper drivers license.  After that I met up with Chris and we did lunch.  From there it was to the bank to put me on his account and well JOIN our MONEY!!  I thought the only thing left is to change my name with FWISD!  Awwwayyy I went….

Well apparently only the “GOVERNMENT” is good enough to accept my new paper social security card, because FWISD will not accept it.  They will not allow me to “change” anything until I have the OFFICAL (little blue) social security card.  Which kind of sucks, because in order to change your health care plan you have to do it within 30 days from the WEDDING DATE!!!  Needless to say my time is running out on changing that so I hope that my social shows up soon, real soon!  Well…for now via the government I have a new name; via my job I am my same old me!  Ha…causing a few issues when I have to fill out time cards and such for work…I have been putting both last names!  Hope they can figure out who I am. 

***now back to finishing up those wedding/honeymoon blogs!!***

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