Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to work...

Amy, myself, and Emily before the kids arrived! 
Well, I have officially just had my first week back to work with kiddos!  It is going to be a fun year I can already tell.  I have some pretty lively kids to say the least.  Actually I have to do a little bragging....I think this was my BEST first week of school in my now 6 years of teaching.  I know it's hard to believe, but something about this class seems great.  I don't feel like we had to spend as much time on procedures, procedures, procedures!  I am sure this next week will be the "true" colors of the kids.  There is ALWAYS a honeymoon period on the first week....

I already have some funny moments that got jotted down, but this one was my favorite.  I shared it via sorry if you're seeing it agin.  I have a rule about lunch....they must sit boy girl at lunch for the first 2 six weeks...this way they learn the rules and such.  If they get a bee (good report) then at the end of the first two six weeks they can sit as they wish.  I know I am a mean teacher, but I hate for them to act horrible when I am not around.  This is my way of kind of regulating from a distance.  Okay on with the story.  Since they have to sit this way I walk them in to their table and wait for a moment before heading to lunch my self.  I have this one sweet boy D. who is new this year.  He just moved in from Colorado, poor kid had to experience our hottest summer yet.  Every day his mom sends a fruit cup for lunch....every day he ask me to help him open it! (P.S. fruit cups are a pain in the butt) Here is our Thursday conversation:

D: Mrs. Roberts can you open my fruit for me?
Me: D. are you going to eat a fruit cut every day?
D: I don't know my mom makes my lunch.
Me: Well I was wondering where on my body you see the words, "Fruit cup opener?" (I am always pretty sarcastic with my makes life a little more fun)
D: Oh, well I guess it washed off of you in the shower this morning.
Me: (trying not to laugh out loud) Oh I guess I should stop showering then....

Keep in mind this is just one of our moments this week...I can not wait to see what other funny things can be said this year.  I really have a witty class and it is going to be a blast!  Here are some pics from room before school started.
Our classroom door
a view of the room from the front
the front of the room

our birthday zone and genre posters
the reading center...carpet rules...and examples of good work
I had to add my favorite thing in the room!  My SHARPIES....these are just the ones on my table.  I have another set for flip charts and such up by our board! HA
And the MESS after the first day of school!  Ha, once they bring all the supplies and such it gets crazy! 


Janna said...

Such a fun time...looks like you are in for a fun year!

I didn't know you liked Sharpies ;)

Romance In A Glance said...

That is so stinking cute! Kids say the funniest things sometimes! You have an adorable classroom! Have a wonderful year at school!

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