Friday, August 19, 2011


Okay this is a quick note to tell you all I have not run away!  Ha instead I have been stinking busy.  Here is a look at my past week.
Thursday-Sunday I was in Corpus Christi for the Little State Tennis tournament!
Monday- the REAL world hit....WORK, We the teachers are back in action!!!
I began work Monday leaving no time to even unpack my suitcase from the weekend.  Believe me my husband would like to see that get done.  Working late every night then to bed only to be up early again.  Thursday was meet the teacher...another late night.  Tonight I worked and now am leaving you this little note.
Tomorrow...Tennis again it is Combo playoffs this weekend.  Oh and I have to fit in those last minute school things before Monday! buys does not even sum up my week!

More details from all of this to come very, very, very soon!  Off to bed, early morning again tomorrow.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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