Sunday, August 07, 2011

Goodies Galore!

I have been meaning to post this...but seem to get tied up with other things.  Or wait maybe it is my forgetfulness that keeps getting in the way! I swear every day I lose more of my memory, how can that be! Just Friday I was busy working in my room on something when I wanted to clean off the poster....but by the time I got my Clorox wipe I forgot what I was going to do with it....ahhh sorry I derailed a bit here.

Okay so one to the goodies part!  My mom spent the week with my sister and co in Florida about 2 weeks ago.  Well thankfully I am the half way spot on the drive, meaning mom has to stay with me for the night!   On her way home she brought some goodies from my sisters house back for Baby R and myself.   There were many wonderful things but one that really pulls at my heart.

My sweet niece Little Bear who I love with my whole heart sent a special gift for the baby.  You see she loves, loves, loves baby dolls.  When I say she loves them, well that really doesn't even express the true love there is for each one.  She has named all 37 (that was the last count I can remember) of her dolls and ACTUALLY PLAYS with each one. Click here to see a little view of them!  She is the most creative child I know when it comes to playing.  They will have birthday parties, play school, oh and her all time favorite Jon and Kate plus 8!  She brings them all out and lines them up ready to is the point to my story!

Little bear sent the baby a special gift:

She included a note...thank goodness because here Auntie can't keep up with the names like she can!  I can't believe she was kind enough to send our baby some of her very loved and cherished babies.  

Here is the whole crew ready to be loved on by Baby R!  Of course she will have to come down and makes sure I have them all set up correctly.  When I talked to her on the phone she was so sweet about it, because this really is a huge thing for her to do.  I confirmed that she was okay with our baby using her babies.  "She said yes, Auntie plus when I come to visit I will check on them to make sure they are okay.  But if you do have a boy...I may need to take them back until he gets big enough to really love them."  She melts my heart that girl, who's brother recently has begun loving his about it here!

 On top of the wonderful box of babies from Little Bear, my sister sent some great goodies too!  She is letting me borrow her Born Free bottles to see if Baby R will like them.  Also she sent some diapers that never got used (that saves some nice money there...promise neither are cheap).

She also sent us our ONE YEAR wedding anniversary gift that is absolutely adorable! I love these two things so much...A) They were hand made!  B) They are our wedding colors and C) They remind us of the beach were we said I DO!!  LOVE them!

I have the best sister and little niece anyone could ever ask for.  Baby R is very luck to have a great Tia and Cousin who share so much!  Thanks Abby and Little Bear!!


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

That is so cute!! :)

Amanda Lynn said...

So glad! You have been "stalking" me! I love having followers and that's the best part of blogging getting to share your ideas. I love all the ideas I am finding from other bloggers. You are an adorable pregnant lady. Love reading your blog!