Wednesday, August 03, 2011

What's the story...

Let me set the scene please!  My good friend Katie was here visiting me recently and well we saw something rather odd.  As normal I like to kind of do things with my friends that they don't really have in their town! Ha, with Katie that is not really a problem....she lives in Tyler.  Of course we did the usual eating at places she misses and such.  But then we got a crazy hair to drive over to Allen!  I of course am ALWAYS up for a Coach outlet visit.  She had told me that she was looking at a few purses at the "real" I insisted we head over to see if there wasn't something better and cheaper at the Allen store.  I also had a purse I wanted to trade in!

We were up early the next day making the trek to Allen! From my house it is about an hour and a half....with non work traffic!  I love taking G. Bush over there for various I can now pick it up from Arlington (and no on is ever on that portion), and two it is just must FASTER!  Katie and I were of course enjoying the drive chatting about random things. When something odd caught my eye!

I looked and looked to confirm I had seen what I had before alerting Katie.  This is kind of how it all played out!

Me: Katie look at that car....there is a piece of hair hanging from the rear view mirror
Katie: Emily are you sure there is nothing hanging from that mirror on that car.
Me: NO, the mini van on the left!  Look at it.... (of course at the is point we were in an odd I had to speed up)
Katie: What...that is not A PIECE of hair, he SCALPED some person!!  (lots of laughing from us both)
Me: Why would a 50 year old gray headed man have a scalp of hair on his rear view?
Me: I have to blog about this craziness....but no one will believe me.
Katie: Here I'll take a pic...speed up and pretend to look at the camera.
Me: Okay great idea...(cheesy smile)

Do you see the HEAD OF HAIR he has hanging there??
Okay I know this is not that lead Katie and I to wonder WHY any person at all would do this?  Why would you place such a large amount of hair on your rear view mirror.  Katie of course thinks it is his souvenir from a recent killing....I love that my friends are so CSI like, like myself! HA I did think about copying down the license plate number just incase it was on the news that night! We followed this guy from Irving all the way to the 75 split off, kind of sad not to see where he was headed.  Then we sent the pic to my sister and brother in law (they were driving home from Florida)....They think he is a trani and that is his girl hair!  I just can't imagine why anyone would do this.  I mean it is so long that it flows around in the air conditioner.  REALLY??  So I ask you this....WHAT'S THE STORY HERE?

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Anonymous said...

Until I saw the picture thought it might have been his toupee(hairpiece) hanging on the mirror. Don't know if I should laugh or be wierded out. thanks for sharing!!