Saturday, August 20, 2011

Little State

Last weekend my wonderful women's 4.0 tennis team took a road trip. We all loaded up and headed down to Corpus Christi on Thursday.  We got there in time to enjoy dinner and play some games.  Girls trips are always so much fun!  Friday through Sunday were spent on the courts.  Each day we averaged about 2 matches a day.  We had some pretty amazing matches....and then those hard ones that were lost in tie breakers!  Needless to say there was tons of tennis, amazing dinners, and more laughs that one can handle! We even managed to squeeze in a trip to the beach!  Here is our weekend in photos.  Probably more than one would like to view, but you know me...I love taking pictures!  Oh and you will note that there are few of me....again because I'm the photographer! Ha ha

 Headed down...

 Kim's 50th Birthday.....she is so thrilled!
 The whole gang at dinner!

The "original" Whataburger!  
 Debra's sweet husband and family joined us! 
Game time... 

The team ready to play! Love these ladies!! 
The rest of Debra's family... 
Just relaxing between the matches! 
Mary and Susan...the cutest sisters 
Claire our fearless captain! 
The view from our hotel!  
 Debra and I (and baby R) trying to take a cute pic in the crazy wind!

 Debra and Claire talking about the next move! 
Great overhead Debra 
Jan loving life can't you tell...ha ha ha 
Laura one of our fearless singles girls! 
Mary our other fearless singles girl 
 Kim and Anita really playing hard! ha ha
Okay now they are down to business 
 Susan serving it up

Now some beach time.... 
Baby R and I enjoying the water....I look huge here, but really it's the wind! HA HA 
Did I mention they really enjoyed the designated driver...aka me!  
Boo our time is over and now we are headed home! 

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