Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Watch me change, week 20

Pregnancy Highlights:
Okay not my "cutest" outfit...ha I was running out the door to tennis today!
But I knew if we didn't take the pic it wouldn't get done, the week gets so buys. 
Of course our sweet boy had to have his picture taken too.
What will we do when I have to take the baby and his picture, oh heavens! 
How Far Along: 20 Weeks
We are half way there, whew whew!

Size of the baby: Well this week the "measurement" system changes a bit!  It is currently the length of a banana, and the size of a cantaloupe. 

Total Weight Gain/loss: Like normal...I don't weigh between doctor visits because well we don't have a scale.  Plus it would probably only depress me.  Past weigh in was 8lbs. 

Maternity Clothes:  Yep, and I took full advantage of the tax free weekend last weekend! Just a few new outfits for the school year.

Gender: SURPRISE!! We are not going to find out till Baby R arrives in January! 

Movement: Well let me tell you what...he/she must be playing his/her own tennis match in there!  This week he/she has been moving around like crazy.  That may also be because now I can "officially" feel it all.  Although my sister asked if I felt hiccups yet, not yet!  

Sleep: Since I started working this week my sleep has been AMAZING!  I am so pooped by the end of the day...on Wednesday I went to bed at like 7 and slept all night.

What I miss: This week I really have only missed one thing...NOT pregnancy related, but I still miss it!  A NORMAL LUNCH!!!  Having only 30 quick minutes for lunch for a pregnant person is crazy.  Especially since that is my "larger" meal for the day! 

Cravings: This week I can't say they are "healthy" ones, but I have been craving sweets.  This is so NOT LIKE ME!  I am not really a sweets person, but this week I can't get enough.  I am loving strawberry sour punch straws!  Tonight I had some good old chocolate pudding! HA, I do try to fight them off...but the cravings always seem to win.  

Symptoms: Thursday night Baby R decided to do acrobatic moves all night! So we were up A LOT.  If that's the worst I will take it.  It made for a long Friday at school but we managed. I feel so blessed to have no pregnancy issues other than a little sleep loss. 

Best moment this week: Really being able to feel the baby moving around.  All thought I am sure I will not be so thrilled later on about all this!  It makes me feel so happy!  Chris was quizzing me on how it felt today, kind of a hard thing to explain to a guy.  


Anonymous said...

It is most definitely hard to explain how those movements feel to a guy, but wait til he actually feels it for the first time. you are looking good!!


Aggie98 said...

You look so beautiful Emily!