Tuesday, August 09, 2011

This ones for you

Baby R!  Okay I am not sure if you remember way back over a year ago, but at that time is wedding central.  I would blog about that and well stalk blogs that had cool wedding ideas and give aways.  Gone are the days of wedding time..but now our days are BABY, BABY, BABY!  I recently have been searching for good mommy to be blogs...

Thus I must introduce you soon to be moms or ladies who would like to start thinking about babies to a blog.  I was introduced by a friend of mine, because she lives close to this blogger.  Thus finding out I was pregnant I have become the biggest fan of her page.  Her blog is Keeping it Simple and well she is a recent new, first time, mom!  Thus she is now blogging about things she loves to use, wished she had never bought, and so much more.  I promise I have been loving all her post.  I guess because she has tried all the newer products and can give a real time review is why I love her site so much!  I mean come on there are a billion things out there now a days.  It's so nice to see what another mom liked or did not, and the reason why!  GO NOW and check her site out...

Oh and did I mention she just had a giveaway for the new boppy lounger!! 
(I would have place a pic here but BLOGGER HATES me tonight!)
Guess who won their soon to be baby a Boppy Lounger!! WHOO WHOO!!  I can't wait for our little guy/gal to be chilling in their lounger all happy as can be!  Thanks Keeping it Simple Baby R is super jazzed!

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Thanks for the post! Glad you are finding it useful!