Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Funny notes from Room 211

We are officially in our 4th week of school now and man are we busy.  I wanted to share a pretty funny moment with you all or at least I found it funny! Ha (this post may be a bit long....sorry got to set up the story...what Chris loves the most! HA)

I have this sweet, wonderful, darling little guy this year who has caused a few million fits the past year in first grade.  Any ways long story short (ha ha ha) I ASKED to have him in my room this year!  Yes, I know I am a bit crazy and some days I wonder why, but something about him tugged on my heart.  Plus I love helping students see that they can succeed regardless of the other issues they face. So sweet S is mine this year!  I had many great ideas prior to getting him in class.  But for those of you who know kids, ideas are great, but seeing it in action is different.  My main goal the first few weeks of school were for  him to realize 3 things.

  1. He is required to do his work no matter what HE WANTS to do.
  2. He will learn social skills and interact appropriately with his classmates
  3. He is no different than anyone else in our room.
Thus far we have done pretty good on all 3!  That was until oh last THURSDAY.  Around 10 after reading I asked him to illustrate 4 details from our reading story.  (he hates to write, but loves to illustrate) I didn't think he would fuss since ILLUSTRATING is favorite thing.  However, he did not want to have any part in this.  

Me: Please illustrate 4 details from our story.  When you are done I will help you write the sentences to match that point in the story. 
S: No I would rather do illustrations of grasshoppers, but thank you.
Me: When you complete your story illustration I would be glad for you to do a free illustration of your choice.
S: GRRRR (when he is not please he growls at me, yes growls!)
Me: GRRR do it quickly so you have time for your "free illustration" 

I leave to help some others students and check back 5 minutes later.  He has drawn a triangle and a stick person.  Please keep in mind this guy can really illustrate!  I mean some days I wonder how he does it.  

S: I am done!
Me: Did you do 4 details from the story?
S: Well the story was just about camping.  I drew the tent and Henry.
Me: Okay but that illustration is not superior to what you are able to do.
Me: GRRR do it right the first time and you'll get done sooner!

About 10 minutes later I notice he is VERY into his illustration.  That is when I ask him to show it to me. Well of course he was into it....he had chosen to "free illustrate" without permission.  Thus a huge no no he knows he has to finish his class work first.
Me: S can I please see both of your papers?
S: Okay... (walking with head down because he knows he is busted)
Me: RIIIIPPPPP (tearing up the "free" illustration....yes I am the mean teacher that throws out bad work and ask you to do better.  I am a stickler to doing your best and wont take anything less)
S: (screaming voice) WHY DID YOU DO THAT? (picture the rest of the class finally clueing into the huge mess S has just become.  Many faces with mouths wide open and in shock, but thankful it was not their paper being thrown away! HA)
Me: Why do you think I did that?
S: Because I didn't finish my work first. (he knows he is wrong and is trying to play me...stinker)
Me: take a moment to cool off and then we will chat about how to fix this problem. 

Thus the rest of the day we all went about our business and S had a nice day!  I know hard to believe but he really did.  After I dismiss my children at 3 I walk back into my room to find a picture on my teacher table.  Of course I don't remember asking the kids to turn anything in on my desk (thanks to the prego hormones that make you forget EVERYTHING).  I turn the picture over to find this: 
Keep in mind we are grasshopper people! 
I notice that this picture had to of been a LOVE letter from sweet S!  He is so stinking smart....and actually took his feelings to paper.  Yes, he is completely put out with me, but at least he expressed them on this paper rather than a huge crying fit (he did this during his free illustration time after math).  I did place the picture on the wall and showed S how much I appreciated his sweet picture he left me.  He then asked if he could put another one beside that was a little nicer (yes those were his words).  I can't explain how funny but proud I was of S for this.  You may see it as me hacking off a kid and him getting back at me.  However, I see it as a child who has struggled with self control learning how to express himself when life doesn't go his way.  S has grown so much in the past 4 weeks I can't wait to see him at the end of the year. 

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