Monday, September 26, 2011

Wonderful start

to my Monday.  Look who is the best hubby in the world!
not the best pic...but you get the point! 
Yes, that would be my hubby, who made me a wonderful breakfast to start my Monday off right.  He is the best!  I love when he surprises me with breakfast...mmm!  Also this weekend we had a nice little day date to the Movie Tavern, my favorite move place ever.  We watched Money Ball!  I really recommend it.  Chris loves baseball and well the actor (Brad Pitt) is not too bad to look at either.  But the story is amazing. I can't believe the way baseball is played or how players are picked.  Grab a guy and head out to see it.

Hope you all had a great weekend.  Ours was pretty low key, just like I like it!  Let's see other than our date on Sunday after church I played tennis (which was a sad a 3rd set tie break, let's not talk about it..grrr), and oh won $25.00.  Yes, I won 25 bucks!!  Whoo whoo, our local teachers union, UEA, holds a weekly drawing of teachers.  They randomly pic members to win, you just have too look at their news letter and call in.  Well what do you know, my name was on the list this week.  That is how you know it will be a great week...oh and breakfast from your hubby, and a shorter week because I am headed home to visit my parents.  Thought mom and I could have some fun shopping in good old A town this weekend so we both took Friday off! Whoo whoo.  Oh and to top off my wonderful week (yes I know it is only Monday), our baby bedding should be in VERY soon!!!  Hope your week looks as amazing as mine!

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Anonymous said...

Jonathan and I went to see Moneyball at the Movie Tavern too! Hahaha we go there all the time.

Which one do you and Chris go to? We like the West 7th one the best.