Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend fun...

Okay so this weekend I had big plans....of which I kind of had to talk a certain someone into!  However, all in all it worked out great! Friday night we had an AMAZING RAIN storm!  I can't say I have really seen a rain storm since oh gosh May. That being said it was vey welcomed.  Then Saturday started off great with a cooler day for tennis.  Only down fall was the wonderful humidity the rain storm left behind.  However, it was a nice cloudy day for tennis.  Oh and the fact that we won and kick some butt didn't hurt either.

That afternoon Chris and I spent the day at a local bar watching college football.  Thus where I declared the need for a new store idea, cute maternity college gear.  Yes, a few things are out there but nothing really cute.  Also I am not really a fan of the "Future Sooner" across my triple D breast with and arrow pointing down to my who ha! I think I could really help out all pregnant women who love college football!     Needless to say I just wore one of Chris' shirts (yes I had to be a Nebraska fan for the afternoon) to keep in the spirit.  Then that evening we enjoyed the OU game with some friends around the corner.  Chris and I enjoy spending time with them.  They have the 2 cutest little ones ever too.  Actually it was a little funny because Winston got major jealous when Chris held their 4 month old son.  He could have cared less when I held him....looks like we will have a small daddy issue to fix once Baby R gets here.

Now to the part where I had to convince Chris....Sunday we took a trek across DFW to a true baby furniture store.  Over here by the house we have the baby super stores, small boutiques, but no real "baby furniture" stores.  I really wanted to visit this one so we could look at other crib options and see our bedding in real life.  My sister found this great bedding in Houston and sent me a pick.  Since then I have been staling it online, but yet to see it in person.  Off we went across the world to Frisco!!!  We actually had a nice drive over, Chris studied for a test he has tomorrow and I jammed out!  I was so thankful to see the bedding in person.  I think Chris liked it too, or so he says anyways.  We also found a few options for cribs and dressers.  There is really not much time left for us to make theses decisions as most furniture takes 10-12 weeks to get in! YIKES!! But at least we now know what style we like.  Oh and we have officially picked out Baby R's Bedding! WHOOO WHOOO!

What a wonderful little weekend full of football and baby stuff! Ha, hope yours was great too.

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