Saturday, September 03, 2011

Boomer Sooner

One of my favorite seasons has arrived....COLLEGE FOOTBALL!  I was a little bummed to start the season on my own (Chris is out of town), but I always have my trusty pup to cheer with me.  In our house hold we cheer on 3 teams....

I am a SOONER through and through...and have my decor all over our house (that is when it is not on the market to be sold! HA)  Winston has his gear ready to go as well.
Isn't he the cutest sooner you have ever seen!
We (Winston and I)  love the Sooners and we love that they beat Nebraska last year! Oh wait, that leads me into Chris' favorite teams.  He grew up with the Big Red...aka Nebraska.  Thus the fact that the OU Nebraska game was such a big deal over here.  He cheers them on like a crazy person....yet no decor is in our house!  Then he is a Baylor of course he love the Bears!

Yes, we have our own flags...see how cute mine is!
This weekend started off great with the Bears kicking some Horn Frog butt!  Way to go Baylor you made my hubby proud.  Then of course we had the we will just leave it at they played a game this weekend!  Now my Sooners are kicking off!  Boomer Sooner!!!  I hope we end our kick off weekend with a WIN!

However, I am a little sad that the Big 12 has become such a mess.  I mean each conference has such great rivals.  Now that the Aggies have left, the Sooners are about to jump ship too!  Thanks a lot TEXAS nasty, gross, T-sipers for ending our nice little football conference.  It is all due to the fact that Texas wants more cash!  Needless to say I hope where ever my Sooners end up they kick butt.  I also would love to leave TEXAS behind.  We don't need their greediness joining us in our new conference.  Okay, okay I am getting off my soap box now! BOOMER SOONER and hope your kick off weekend was wonderful with tons of dips and chips, friends, and good old football!

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