Monday, September 05, 2011

The Question??

Ahhh, Labor Day weekend will always be one of my favorite holidays.  Two years ago today I headed down to Scottsdale, Az with my sweet boyfriend Chris.  We went on this trip annually....he plays golf and well I sit next to the pool enjoying life.  We get to spend wonderful time with his father and best friend Z. This trip is wonderful because it is nothing but R&R!

Our day was going splendid as could be.  I was a little bummed because there was a small rain cloud over the pool, yet I sat out there and enjoyed it.  Chris, Z, and Steve enjoyed the cool rain while golfing.  We had a wonderful lunch by the pool once the clouds parted.  Never does it rain on Labor day weekend was just crazy! But it was very short lived so I was okay with it....After lunch Chris had booked us a couple massage! was a perfect day all in all.
Isn't the view great! The whole gang just before sunset! 
Finally it was dinner time, but first we stopped by the hotel bar for a little happy hour.  They have the best view of Camel Back.  It is really breath taking how beautiful it looks with the sun setting.  We headed up and enjoyed the view.  Of course I wanted to take some normal! I finally talked Chris into going down and snapping a few pics in my favorite areas! It was wonderful and breathtaking...Until Chris asked me to sit down and he would take my picture!  I moved over to the spot where he wanted me to sit down....and next thing I know he is NOT taking my picture, but down on one knee!  I was in complete shock to say the least!  He gave me the most wonderful surprise ever.  The words he said were so sweet and true, followed up with Will you Marry Me!!!  I was a big huge MESS to say the least, and of course I said YES!!!  (Z will tell you he actually heard me squeal! ) This moment was pure PERFECTION! Chris you amaze me.
My awful...cry face!!!  I just couldn't believe it! 

Of course we headed back up to Z and Steve, who knew the whole time!!! Many pictures were taken and then it was off to dinner.  The only down fall to this PERFECT moment was I didn't have my phone!!!  Who could I call? I tried my parents, NO ANSWER!!!  How could my parents of ALL people in the world not be at HOME or answering their CELL phones on such a special night! AH, then I tired my sister and brother in law....again NO ANSWER!!!  WHAT!!!  Of course I don't really have any of my friends phone numbers memorized...I mean we have cell phones for that right?  So my list was done, and NONE OF MY PEOPLE who I really WANTED to share with were HOME!!

Off to dinner I was just beaming with this amazing glow....I couldn't stop saying "Is this for real?" I'm telling you complete shock still.  I mean I had never even imagined Chris would do this.  We arrive at dinner, where Chris ask for our table.  They move us right into our seating area.  I again am STARING at MY NEW RING...TUNNEL VISION I tell you.  The lady points to our table and ask if it will be alright.  When I look up I immediatly start CRYING like a small child!  There at this wonderful table sat MY PEOPLE!!!  You know the ones that WOULD NOT answer their phones.  My mom, dad, sister, and brother in law!  I looked at them with such shock.....Chris had planned it all.  He is an amazing man I tell you.  He really knows what matters most to me....all of MY PEOPLE!  He knew that I would want my family there when the big moment arrived and man did he plan.  Apparently I was the only person in the world who had no idea about any of this.  He had this planed so far in advance I can't believe that no one slipped, crazy but AMAZING!  (you can click here and here to read about the day with more detail...and  for pictures galore click here!)

Does my face tell you how SHOCKED I was to look up and see them!
Abby, Brian, mom, and dad! Wow!!
After taking a moment to and abby brought us goodies! 
The whole family! What an amazing dinner! 
That night was just the beginning of many amazing memories we have made in the past 2 years.  I can't believe it was only 2 years I sit and type this it feels like yesterday...but I am reminded that our next big adventure is soon too arrive as well, sweet Baby R (who is kicking me like crazy right now).

Christopher you made my world on September 5, 2009 by asking me to become your wife.  I know that the past 2 years have been an adventure, but I could not see myself taking these adventures with any other man.  You are my world!  Thank you for allowing me to become your wife, and soon to be the mother of our sweet baby.  I love you all the way to the moon and back! 

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Anonymous said...

Aweee Emily, I LOVE this post! I could of kept on reading for days haha That is SO sweet! I never heard how he proposed but oh my goodness, he's a keeper! hahaha

Enjoy your Labor Day!! :)