Thursday, September 29, 2011

Heading out, maybe?

Well as I sit here at the airport I just realized I did not do a weekly update or pic! YIKES!  Guess that means mom will have to be in charge of the picture this week as I am headed out of here.  Okay well I would have been if it hadn't been for Houston getting some crazy storms.  Don't get me wrong I am glad someone in Texas is getting rain, but of all nights! no I have sat here at the good old airport since 630 (it is now 8:16), my flight was at 7:50.  No problem I am not being a pissy traveler as I brought tons of papers to grade.  Actually I think I am half done! WHOO WHOO, so I should be thankful I was FoRcEd to sit and grade those stinking papers (the only part I hate about being a teacher, grading).

Okay now off to maybe Amarillo??  If we can find a plane to get us there! HA, and I'll try to get that weekly up date done.  Not that y'all are sad by this I am sure :-) but for my record keeping and memories it needs to happen!  Hope you all have a wonderful Friday. I will be hanging with my momma, it couldn't be any better.

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Anonymous said...

Yes Yes! Dont forget to do a picture! I hope you have fun with your mama!!