Monday, September 12, 2011

Our poor sad pup

Well, I had great plans of blogging away this weekend.  Then like normal LIFE happened!  It all began last Wednesday night.  Chris came home to a sweet pup who was not feeling so good.  He had a very, very, very upset tummy.  He continued this trend all the way through Thursday.  Poor guy was so sad and helpless.  I hate that he felt so bad and we could do nothing but "watch" him.  Then when the tummy issues stared to clear know what was next as the problem area!  Yeah he spent most of the day in and out of the doggy door trying to potty....but just had nothing in him.  I mean after a day of no food and only water how can you blame the guy for feeling so bad!

Friday Chris and I were amazed to see that our sweet Winston was starting to reappear!  He had a nice calm day Friday, ate just a little and kept up with the water.  Thank the lord he kept drinking water...nothing is worse than trying to FORCE water down a dog!  Just as we thought we were in the clear, Saturday morning around 5:30 am he got sick again. Of course this was after we felt it was okay for him to move back to our bed for the night!  Thanks Winston our sheets and duvet needed washed again!  Well, I guess we thought he was doing good.....and he had to remind us he was not 100 % still.  He only got sick the once thank goodness, but still wasn't his perky self.  Luckily on Sunday he was feeling GREAT!  We know he was feeling good because it was probably the first day in oh 4 days he asked to go on a WALK!  He lays by the leash and whines.....such a smarty pants.  The bad news is he missed all of our "COOL" weather when he was sick.  He would have loved those days to walk.

Chris and I are so thankful our pup is back to himself.  I just hate that we can't really do anything and that he can't tell you what is wrong.  I am sure he ate something out back that just upset his tummy!  I guess this is our first "trial" before we are dealing with a sick baby.  One things for sure...we got to snuggle up a lot with that cute face!  I'm sure he enjoyed being spoiled too!

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