Friday, September 23, 2011

What me change, Week 23

Pregnancy Highlights:

 Of course Winston and Bob wanted in this week!

How Far Along: 23 Weeks

Size of the baby: Baby R is now longer than 11 inches and weighs in just over a pound.  He/she is really growing up! 

Total Weight Gain/loss: My past weigh in was 8lbs, and last Friday I went for another check up....added another 4lbs.  YIKES!  I feel like it's a lot, and well others have voiced their opinion on it too (yes mom that is you and Claire).  However, the Dr. said it is going just as planned and not to worry.  

Maternity Clothes:  Now that fall is starting to arrive I am loving my leggings...they are so comfy and easy.  I can still be down on the ground with my kiddos at school and not feel huge.

Gender: SURPRISE!! We are not going to find out till Baby R arrives in January! 

Movement: Last Friday Baby R had it's first case of hiccups!  Good news it was even hard enough that Chris could feel them.  Bad news, Chris doesn't feel much because my placenta is on the front side still. (sorry if that is tmi)  I however, feel it all!

Sleep: Welcome back CrAzY DrEaMS!!  Ahhh, last night they were so crazy I felt like I never got a bit of sleep. 

What I miss: This past weekend I played tennis like normal.  However, I have finally come to the conclusion that I just can't chase down those short balls like I use to.  I hate not being able to get to the ball and make the shot.  Now I can make it to the ball, but don't bend low enough for it to matter!  The rest of my game seems to go pretty well, that is if I remember to bend my knees.  I have always had a problem remembering that, ha. 

Cravings: I have really been craving S'mores lately.  No, I have not given into this craving but doesn't it sound great?

Symptoms: Well this week Baby R seems to have stretched out in there...I swear one part is just under my right breast and then stretched all the way down to the lower area!  Thus causing some major discomfort.  I tried to talk Baby R into moving, but he/she seems to love this area lately.

Best moment this week: Saturday Chris and I went Baby R shopping!  We finally have picked out Baby R's bedding.  We had a wonderful day shopping and thinking about our little cutie.  Also today we realized that our way of life really is about to change.  As I had my 6 month dental appointment and needed to schedule the next one.  I remembered....oh wait I can do it at any time or day because I will be at home still with the baby.  But then when I was telling Chris he would have to watch the baby while I went to my apt.  He stated he too will have to be at the dentist (yes our monthly check is around the same time).  Thus we decided we would book the same time and pass of the baby! Oh how life changes!!

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