Saturday, February 06, 2010

My love for you may have been lost....

TARGET!!! I have always loved shopping at target. I mean it seems to be pleasant, clean, and calmer that wonderful WAL-MART. However, Chris and I had a bit of a different experience tonight. This causing my love for Target to go down. (Now I should preference this with I have had an issue before with Target in this area)

Tonight Chris and I were just running in quick to grab my prescription, as well as a few last minute Super Bowl items. We had picked up the prescription and were working our way back to eggs, when we had to stop of course on the pet isle. Here we came upon a elderly lady messing with the caned cat food. I looked at Chris very puzzled. Of course then I was interested in what she was doing. She stopped messing with the food while we were on the isle, so we turned the corner and watched from there. Well sure enough she was stuffing caned cat food into 3 Target plastic bags. She was covering the area with some puppy pads, but continued to clean the shelf out. I think Chris and I were a bit stunned that she was getting away with this because there was a girl restocking right on the end cap by her. Once she had her bags full she placed them into her cart and began to wander towards the door. Well we had to see if she was really trying to steal or just weird!

Sure enough she began to wander towards the produce entrance. Then as she started to head out, I ran over to the checker at #27 and inform her. She looks at the lady, flips on her light, and then says "well that's all I can do. It's too late now." What...everyone there just looks at her like really you are not going to try and stop her or call security. Then I run to the Starbucks girl who was not busy, she calls security. However, Chris and I have now watched as she has placed all the items into her car. Oh and that she had a young girl driving her...were in this together? They get in the car and took off!

Chris and I were just stunned that nothing was done about this. We continue to grab our few items and joke about how we should just walk out. I mean heck once you get to the door its too late...or so checker 27 says. Then on the way home I find it interest that the manger never even wanted to speak with us about this. I then decided to call up to the store and find out why that was. I mean I know they have cameras...but apparently they are not watched! I get the manager, Leigh, on the phone and explain the situation. She thanks us for our concern and tell us that security was working another case at the time. Yes the check out girl did as she was suppose to...just turn on her flashing light. Then I ask her how as a customer that is suppose to make me feel safe to shop there or that prices will remain the same. I mean if everyone is coming in and taking things as they wish wont their prices go up? Again she informs me that the security was busy and prices will not change. Also that a person like that will probably shop there again and be caught the next time. THEN she HUNG UP ON ME!! That's correct, hung the phone up on my.

Wow, really great customer service. Oh wait it is great customer service: I mean the lady came in for caned cat food and walked out with out paying a thing. What a wonderful policy Target has. Now you may wonder why this causes me to loose faith and love in Target. Well, years ago my sister and I were in a very nice Target, just like the one tonight, trying on some clothes. When we were finished I put my clothes on and began to walk out of the dressing room...Not ABBY!! She couldn't leave, why? Well one of the other customers trying on clothes had taken Abby's shirt she wore into the store! Yes, her pink gap shirt she wore into the store was STOLEN. Therefore leaving Abby with no shirt to wear...what did Target do! Well after many minutes of arguing with them they finally gave her a shirt. However, they did expect her to leave without a shirt, ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Therefore, 2 security issues down and I no longer think Target is really better than Wal-Mart.

I mean yes normally it is a calmer shopping experience. However, if it is no safer than Wal-mart I might just head that way. I do like Wal-Marts guaranteed LOWER PRICES! Plus Chris and I both know their checkers would had done something. As we were there last week and read all the "CODES" they could call and what they meant! Oh and by the way, I am sure that ladies cats are thrilled to be eating free for at least 3 weeks!


Gouldsmith5 said...

You do realize that this was probably not for her cats, but for her? Sad I know, but very true in today's society.

Abby said...

I thought about it being for her too, but if you were going to shop lift, wouldn't you shoplift yourself food?s

I also witnessed a shoplifting event at target, mine was clothes a lady was stuffing all of her basket contents into shopping bags in the bathroom. I reported it to the same response, well I guess we can't do anything about it.

Kara said...

Oh, I love everyone's innocence that doesn't live in "my world" of crime. Trust me when I tell you that it happens at every single store out there...Neimans, Nordstrom, Sak included.

Target is actually one of the best stores with catching and prosecuting people who steal if that makes you feel any better. But the manger is correct. If loss prevention is tied up with someone else, they can't send the checkers after people. Many people actually get violent when getting caught.

We have a high end shopping center here that won't turn in anyone who steals because they dont' want the cops parked out front.