Friday, February 12, 2010

The ANGELS SANG today!!!

HALLELUJAH.....HALLELUJAH............It was the best song or sight I had seen in 2 days! Okay I have really enjoyed the snow (all snow fun will be in the NEXT post!). However, when the POWER in our house WENT BACK ON today at 1:00 pm I couldn't have been happier. Actually 2 of my neighbors and I were jumping for JOY in the street!! I have officially decided that I would really like not to CAMP OUT in my house again!

6:00 am THURSDAY morning!

Here's how it all got started....THURSDAY morning, Winston woke up around 3 needing a potty break. I got up put on my coat, then opened my door...........and WHAT did I see, but already about an inch of snow. From there I was back to sleep to be woken up again at 6 by my alarm for school. Yeah...we had school! (yes I wanted to go to school, I hate making up snow days) As I left for work there was about 3 inches of snow on the ground! For Fort Worth that is AMAZING!!! Of course as most of yall know it continued to snow ALL DAY...never let up once! This was so crazy, I mean yeah in Amarillo we got snow like this, but not in Fort Worth. Needless to say just as school is dismissing I get a text from Chris!

"Well my car got stuck trying to get in the garage, a man helped me out. Take Linden home. Oh and we have no power. The neighbor says its been out since 11 AM" Wouldn't you want to leave your very nice warm school to go home after reading that? NO! So I call, Chris declares that the power company says it will be fix by 4:00 pm. I kind of wait around and clean off the now 6 inches of snow off my car and head home.

4:00 pm after school, with no power!

4:00 pm rolls by and NO POWER! We call the 1888 number again to see that it still says 4! My dear friend Julie was kind enough to offer up her house. However, Chris said we could stick it out!!! Sure enough we WAITED, WAITED, WAITED, and WAITED! Come 8 pm still nothing...then the 1888 number no longer says 4, but just gives some B.S. conformation number. What you do with this conformation number? We still don't know. I mean you don't have power to look on line and see how things are going. Every time you call you get an automated systems...seems stupid to me! Well Chris, Bob, Winston, and I piled on the clothes and blankets and buckled down for a long night!

I had on um 4 shirts, 4 pairs of paints, and 4 blankets. Winston and Bob had a few blankets on too! Chris had one many layers and just swore the hat on his head was keeping him the warmest. We spent the night chit chatting and just wondering if the power would come on. I lit all the candles we had for some extra light. We imagined what all lights we had turned on, but not realized (you know it is just automatic that you turn on lights when entering a room). Chris took a shower by book light (attached to the shower curtain); then I used it to read some! I also enjoyed watching people, trying to get up the hill by our house....they all ended up backing down and going around.

a little fyi...tea light candles work best for light, but burn out faster

bundled up ready for bed

Finally we headed to bed with hopes of power in the morning....5:30 am rolled around and still nothing. However it did snow more!! Everything looked beautiful outside...and just amazing really.

our house at 5:30 am FRIDAY after 12 inches of snow (our poor little tree)

Then around 10 we thought we would get out. We drove around to find the "power trucks" never saw any near by. Therefore making us believe we would never see power today! Finally around 12 we went to lunch to warm up some. After lunch we headed we pulled onto our street we saw the most WONDERFUL thing....LIGHTS! Finally at 1:00 pm on FRIDAY!! Our motion light lit up as I pulled into the driveway. The neighbors back light was on! JUMPING FOR JOY...we ran in to find MANY LIGHTS on, the radio on, and the HEATER!!!! Yeah Yeah Yeah!! Our day was really looking up! I hope the rest of you have power and can enjoy the warmth I am soaking up now!!

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