Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Party (part 2) I left off we had a very chilly evening ahead of us. All four of us bundled up and made it through the night to only to be woken up by Chris at 5:30 am. He and Winston are early risers you see. They had gone out to do the potty break, when the whole place was covered by more snow. I think by the end of it we had 12 inches every where! It was beautiful looking outside. The glow from the snow was amazing.....we actually wished it was in our house lighting some paths! From there we talked about how we were very bummed the power was not on still....then I declared I was going back to bed.

the front of our house at 5:30 am...our poor sweet tree!
the road in front of our house
After a couple more hours of sleep we did finally get up and around. We really had no choice but to PLAY IN THE SNOW! I mean really it was not getting any warmer in our house...and well we needed to charge our phones too. So we bundled up and took off! First stop was to grab some gas. Then we were off to the park! I really wanted to get some pics of the beautiful snow before we lost it all. We went over by the botanical gardens. The park looked so clean and fresh. Hardly anyone had been out yet...the trees though they were very sad. Many of the trees had just fallen over and been up rooted by the weight of our very "wet" snow. Winston loved running free all over the park. He was our little bunny just jumping around every where.

the view from our neighborhood

my boys enjoying the warmth of the car

isn't this pretty

they loved it...the freedom
my favorite one...look how beautiful it is
After the park we headed over to the museum area. The trees there really didn't do as well either. We found some fun areas to run and play. A few of the artistic people had already been up building snow figures. They were pretty cool...way better than Chris or I could have done.

the artistic ones...
can you find my sweet pup amongst all the down trees
he had to see if it was really water
no matter how much the snow sticks on...he just can't stop playing
After letting Winston enjoy the snow we did need to warm him back up. What better place to go than Petsmart!!! We enjoyed walking around the store checking everything out. Winston really loves to go up there too. Every time he runs straight over to the training room looking for Angela our trainer. He was sad to see no one was there! Once the little guy had dried off a bit we went back home. By this time I was getting pretty hungry, as was Chris. We dropped off our pup added some blankets to Bob and then ran to grab some food. We enjoyed a nice WARM lunch. I think everyone looked at Chris and I kind of crazy when we walked in wearing SKI clothes. But heck we had to keep warm any way we could. After enjoying our lunch we headed home.

our little cowboy, enjoying Petsmart

We began to plan the rest of our day and where we could take the animals or stay for the night. Heavens knows I was NOT spending another night freezing cold. I had called my vet to see if I could board Bob for the night. Thankfully they did have an opening. Then we were going to take Winston to Petsmart for doggie day camp. At least there he could play and be WARM. We were going to catch a movie with some friends and then deiced from there. As I pulled onto the block we were OVER JOYED to see. LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS!!! The neighbors lights were on and so was our porch light. It was the happiest moment of our day!

the best moment of the day....power
Whew we didn't need to ship off our babies or pack up for the night. Instead we could shower and go to the movies clean! (HUGE SMILE HERE) Oh and did I mention that my sister and family were coming to town today! That's right we had planned on enjoying the evening with them. However, I told them it depended on the power situation. YEAH we had power so they could come over too! They rolled in around 4 just as the house was starting to feel warm again. The kiddos could not believe the snow. I think Abby and Brian were pretty amazed too! We tried to do dinner with them, but guess what. ROSA'S (their favorite place ever) had no power off to Dallas the headed. All in all from no power to power it was a fun couple of days with Chris, Winston, and Bob! Although we all agree nothing is better than sleeping in WARM beds!

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