Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Engagements....that's what Mamma M is asking

Here is my amazing ring!

Mamma M  is doing different questions each day for Valentine's Day; and today's question is about Engagements!! Well I think my engagement story is the best of course, but what woman doesn't! Just because many of yall have already read my story I will do a semi short version...if you want the full version click here!

Chris and I always spend Labor Day weekend in Scottsdale, AZ. Actually he, his best friend, and father have been making this trip for a couple of years now. I was just lucky enough to join them the past 2 years. I get to enjoy a weekend laying by the pool being waited on....while they go out and golf, golf, golf. Our day was pretty normal: the guys took off to golf and I headed out for the pool. After they golfed we hung by the pool, got massages, and just enjoyed the day. Every thing seemed pretty normal. Later that evening we all took headed up to the main bar to enjoy happy hour before our Saturday night dinner at Mastros.

As always, I wanted to take pictures! Chris really loves this about me...so we headed down to the area were we took pictures the year before. It was lovely with the sunset just so!! I went to sit at the fountain and when I turned around Chris was down on one knee! I was in shock...is this really happening! I really couldn't believe it was true! He said, "Emily I have liked you since I met you in 2005. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?" I was so over joyed and couldn't stop crying! YES YES YES!!! After the proposal Chris' father and Z were waiting to take pictures with us. They of course knew the whole weekend what was going on!

again I don't love this picture...but it shows just how I really felt
the group right after the proposal
Then we were off to dinner. I was in shock stil; the whole drive there. We arrived at Mastros right on time for our reservation. As we walked in the waitress took us to our seat, I was following along or shall I say FLYING!!!! Then as the waitress pointed to the table she said, "Will this be okay?" As I look up I am amazed to see MY FAMILY!!! My mom, dad, sister, and brother-in-law are sitting right there at our table.
these are the faces I saw and love so much...
I couldn't believe what was going on, I mean my family was in Scottsdale at dinner with us! Everything seemed like a dream. I was overwhelmed at what amazing planning Chris did for this proposal. He coordinated with my whole family to ensure they would be there. He knew of all things, I would want my family there the moment it happened! I really am the luckiest girl in the world....only 137 more days!!


Mama M. said...

What a fabulous story!!! How fun is that?!


Josey said...

Congrats! What a BEAUTIFUL ring too - wow! Chris did good. ;)

Jessica said...

What a great guy!! Loved your story and your beautiful ring!

Jenna said...

Wow what a sweet story!! I love your expression in that photo! What a beautiful ring too!

SabinaSage said...

Your such a doll!! I am STILL amazed with that whopper everytime I see you! LOL...Your going to make a GORGEOUS bride!!

Brianne said...

What a sweet story! And what a ring!! Beautiful!!