Monday, February 08, 2010

A Monday I can love!

Wow, normally I am not too excited about Mondays! I mean I don't think any one LOVES a Monday, but my consist of long school days. Also after the way last week went, with children puking all over me and the classroom, I was jazzed about how my Monday turned out!
First of all....all 24 students were back and no one threw up!!! That is a pretty awesome day right there if you ask me. I think that since the kids had Friday off, they all got over the bug that was going around. I was very thankful for that! The kids seemed to be pretty good today too. We had a great reading small group, and then were off to lunch.

OH HAPPY DAY! OH HAPPY DAY! No not for lunch time, believe me they had ??? what they call meatloaf??? Oh happy day because my goodies had come in. The Lion's Club was very generous to our school and donated some money for each teacher to use on thing in their classroom! Well of course I bought some AMAZING goodies!! Let's see I surveyed my room and well we really didn't need any new games, centers, or such. I still have some I bought from Lakeshore last summer that are waiting to be used.

However, we (as in I) was in need of some office supplies!! I heart office supplies more than any other person in the world!! No not staples, rubber bands, and such...the good ones!!! SHARPIES, SHARPIE PENS, and CHART TABLET SHARPIES!!! Also I got some amazing sticky notes, not just your normal ones but sentence strips. They cost a bit more so I thought since it was extra money for the classroom get something we don't normally use! Then I did a restock on know the pink rectangular ones. I swear those kids eat they just get eraser happy! ROCK ON our new supplies were in; and just in time. My retractable Sharpies that I bought last year have been dying majorly over the last week; so I was super jazzed the new ones arrived. My kids were too...the boys are tired of everything being done in pink or purple (the only 2 colors we had left). Also I was excited to have the chart tablet Sharpies. I have been dreaming of my order since I placed it a week ago! Yes, in case you couldn't tell I am ADDICTED to SHARPIES! Just ask my kids, everything is better in Sharpies.

After enjoying our new goodies, they day went pretty fast. Then to top things off we didn't have our normal meeting after school. That meant I could catch up on some paperwork and such. I took care of a wonder TELPAS test I had to have finished by Friday. CHECK that off my list!! Next I headed home to find that my MONDAY was getting even better!!! I had finally gotten my package in the mail that I have been waiting on. (Thanks to Kara!) Although Chris didn't think I needed this item, I truly believed I did. Plus I bought it as a token of my hard work moving, cleaning, and getting rid of things I no longer needed. (I know sounds funny to buy something for getting rid of stuff!)

It was my new wonderful, cute, super awesome hand made camera bag! Yes, I have the very nice one that Chris bought with the camera, however I wanted a little less bulky of one. Plus this one is super cute! How could I pass it up?

I really love the new bag, and funny thing is I think Chris kind of understands why I wanted it now. I mean it is not as bulky as the other bag. Also I can wear it across my body much easier. I LOVE IT. I wish I could say I found it on my own, but Kara actually found it a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully I saw it on her blog and still got my bag while they were on sale! If you have a Nikon SLR and want a nice bag for toting around town and such go check it out Janine King Designs. She also has cute computer sleeves and much more.

Here is the inside of my new bag...It holds my extra lens and camera very nicely. There are 2 pockets for lenses. I as of now only have 2 lenses, but I know this pocket will come in handy. I really do like it. Also I went for a little less "girly" of a pattern just in case Chris does ever carry the bag! I am sure he will be just thrilled too!!! If every MONDAY could be as wonderful as today that would make me the happiest girl in the WORLD!


Abby said...

seriously if Chris carries that bag I will heckle him! Cute but way too girlie for a guy.

Kara said...

Wowsa! You got your bag way quicker than I did! Cute and glad Chris is more "on board" than he was when you ordered it!