Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Would you like a tour

of the RAHR Brewery? Chris and I were invited by one of my friends to join them this weekend. We began our day at the Yucatan Taco Stand....If you have not gone, you really should. I love their nachos!!! They are HUGE, Chris and I both can eat them and still have extras. We all met there and enjoy a nice lunch before heading over to the brewery.

Let's do a little back track shall we....Last summer Chris and I toured the COORS brewery with my family. It was amazing. I mean you walked in and got to see every step in the process to making their beer. Little Bear even enjoy watching how it was made. Now Chris and Brian enjoy the end the most, you know where you get to drink the beer.

Back to this weekend, we finished up lunch and all headed over to Rahr. I personally didn't realize where Rahr was located. It is so close to us, and I had no idea! We began to search for a spot to park. Realizing that this may be a little busier than I thought...after 3 blocks of cars and not one place to park. Finally we found a spot and made our way to the brewery. Okay...REALLY, REALLY, REALLY!!! We are greeted by a man in overalls and a pony tail. At that moment I think, this is NOT like Coors!

Chris pays our money and we walk in! Then you get handed 2 choices for glass cups. I picked the cute one. After that I ask Chris, so what now? Well apparently you get in line for BEER of course! Our little group makes our way to line, orders up the beer. You have 3 to pick from....then we just kind of stand around! After about 20 minutes I ask the question, "So where is the tour??" Little did I know I was on the tour!
the gang enjoying a few

(look behind us...that's the whole tour!!! lol )
That's right WELCOME to the TOUR!!! Stand in a warehouse and just drink...AKA TOUR THE BREWERY!!! Didn't you know that? Regardless we did have a blast just hanging out and drinking our beer. Now it is not my idea of an adult beverage, I like the fruity ones...but it was fun! I guess if you are looking for a place to hang out and enjoy a good "tour" head on over! Or heck, Chris and I may open up the back garage and began our own tours!
Jeremy and Chris enjoying the brews!!!


Diana said...

Glad you found my Texas Blogging Gals! Will get you on the next updated list.

So feel free to grab the button.

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Jamie Brunner said...

Hey Emily - This is Jamie from Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. (our PR firm gave us a heads-up that you posted about us...). Just wanted to let you know that we really, truly do have a tour at the brewery - on both Saturdays and Wednesdays. Most of the time Fritz Rahr, owner/founder, leads the tour, but if he's not available one of our brewers will do it. Here's more info about the Saturday tour.

Hope you guys come back out!