Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow makes everyone happy...

the front of our school

or at least it does for little 6 and 7 year old kiddos! While driving to school I knew it was going to be an interesting day. Kids get so excited, especially when it snows. Back in December we had a few flurries on the way to school. My kids just knew there would be tons outside when they left. They were sad to see nothing!

However, today was different that is for sure. The forecast was for just 1 -2 inches and NO ACCUMULATION! WRONG!!! As my kids came to school they were very jazzed. Instead of our normal morning writing I let them write about the snow and everything they could dream of doing in it. I of course unlike some of my teacher friends had all but 3 kiddos. Yep 21 showed up, I was very surprised too! I am very luck to not only have had all my kids; but we could keep on with our day just like normal. You know if a lot are missing it is pointless to teach something new, to only have to reteach half the class when they come back.

A. Smith and I enjoying the snow! Poor A. Smith, they are in a portable!!

Through out the day my kids and I enjoyed watching the snow fall from our classroom windows. As the flakes grew so did their excitement. Every time we left the room they just gazed out the back door to the play ground (my room is right next to the recess door). My newest little boy, who had very little English abilities, kept asking "recess today please, please." It was so cute, but NO we can't go outside they are not dressed for it!

We enjoy the snow too..

Finally after being frowned upon by many of my coworkers, I did let them touch the snow a bit. The reason I didn't want to is because many of them barley bring jackets...let alone gloves and hats. Plus this was a very "wet wet wet" snow! On our way to specials, I let them do a quick run out and back into the room. That way they all got to enjoy the snow. I mean yeah it is not every day we get this much snow.

Burton and I loving the snowball fights

Since the snow was continuing to fall FWISD sent the buses to pick up early. Thus allowing them extra time to make it safely to their stops. This little change caused our class to shrink quickly, oh and that parents were flooding in to get their kids. They were all worried about dismissal being to icy and such. So my 21 kids quickly faded to about 6. The 6 that were left were fully prepared for cold weather. Jackets, hats, and gloves....guess what that meant?

They loved it... I have some amazing pics, but can't post due to the safety of the kids!!!
SNOWBALL FIGHT! Yes, we all went out and had the best snowball fight ever! Of course we had a few safety rules, but man what a blast that was. The 4 of us teachers right next to the back door sent our kiddos out for some good clean winter fun. I love seeing how excited they get. The joy that they got to experience was worth all the snowballs I took in! Yes, I didn't mention the "don't throw snowballs at the teacher rule" like my other co-workers did! Heck everyone should enjoy a little snowball fun. After the snowball fight this is what I walked out too!
What a fun thing to do...clean off the 6 inches of snow! It was funny because people here don't carry ice scrappers in their cars. I have never NOT had one on hand, and some times even more than one! Got to love those people who park in the garage (and use that as their reason not to have a scrapper).

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