Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why didn't I know?

I mean some of you already married gals should have given me a little heads up here! This weekend my good friend Wiggs and I headed out early to take care of some wedding needs. The most important one was my invitations...

AHHH yes, invitations seem to be even harder than finding the dress. I really have been looking for the perfect one for about 3 months now. I knew the moment I got engaged the save the dates I wanted. However, invitations are another thing! Okay we are off track here!!!

Back to why you married peeps never told me how to handle a BRIDAL SHOW!!! After spending about 2 hours looking at invitations (poor Wiggs, she is the best ever). We headed out to our next task, the Fort Worth Bridal Show!! Let me set this up...I really have not been too HIGH MAINTENANCE on wedding things. I mean I would consider my self pretty low key and just a normal bride. As Wiggs and I entered the event we wondered how many CRAZY BRIDEZILLAS we would run into. Well little did I know that this was a whole new world.

From the moment you walk in people are yelling "Bride to Be" come over here, did you sign up for.... Okay of cores Wiggs and I just kind of walked around taking things in. I mean since I am having a destination wedding I do not need as many things as they were offering. However, when I stopped to fill out a few give-away items I almost got plowed over. I mean there were these 2 girls that took me out...

They not only took me out, but they had their own system. The had brought in a sheet of Avery labels with all of their contact info on it. I mean it was crazy! I began to watch them more as we walked about....they would just take a label slap it onto a give away card and walk on. They hardly even talked to any of the booth workers. This leads me to two questions: Are those brides really there for the resources or just to maybe win a prize? Why the heck didn't I think to take in labels with all my info on it? Their idea is good, but I can't say they were doing it correctly.

The bridal show was definitely a different experience. One that made me very happy (again) to be doing a destination wedding. Oh and did I mention the best part!!! I found an amazing husband and wife team there, who are probably going to make my invitations! YEAH YEAH YEAH! My invitation nightmare may be over!


Amanda Lynn said...

I found your lovely blog on Mama M's personals page.
Ha ha, yes bridal shows are definitely a bit much. I went to my first one last month and was totally overwhelmed! Congratulations on finding invitations, they are SO hard to find! It took me WAY longer to decide on invitations than THE dress!

SabinaSage said...

Girl I never went to a bridal show! LOL...I chose life! LOL...but incase you were wondering I do think that there are MORE brides who are like that..but thank goodness your are not!

Congrats on FINALLY finding some invitations! =) P.S I wrote about you in my blog! =)