Thursday, February 18, 2010

Little B's Baptism

Isn't he the cutest ever!!!

This very snowy weekend brought us more than just fun in the snow. Actually it was also the weekend Abby had picked for Little B to be baptised. Well when my sister planned this grand event I do not think she could have know what the weekend would be like. They arrived here late Friday. Saturday they were scheduled for a class in the am for the baptism. However, the church had NO POWER!

Therefore that lead us to enjoy a nice time here in Fort Worth with the family and good friends. Abby had asked her good friend Tally and Carter to be the God parents. They too drove in for the event here in Dallas. We took all the kids to the Fort Worth Science Museum. The boys had a blast and we ran them so much they both slept well!

I love the how he is really into the train here!

I think he only smiled in our picture...and it is not be cause of me; but Tris (as he says Chris)

The next morning my mom, Chris, and I all got ready to head out when Abby called to tell us that thankfully the church had power again. We had all really decided since everyone was in from OUT OF TOWN, B would just be baptised in the dark! Glad to see we didn't have to do that!. The baptism was wonderful! Little B did amazing he didn't even fuss once! Chris and I are happy that we got to be apart of such an important event in Little B's life. It was a wonderful ending to a very interesting weekend here!!!

of course Little Bear and I had to have our picture taken too...

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Abby said...

You are correct, only smiling pictures were with you and Tris. He did have a cute smiling one with just you, so he likes you too Auntie!!!