Monday, April 11, 2011

My favorite season has officially arrived!

SpRiNg!!!  I could sit here and list off at least a million reasons why I love spring!  However, I figure you would rather I scale it back a bit.  Hum, where does one start on something they love so much!  Okay like all good teachers I will give some positives, a con or two, and finish on a positive! (at least that's what you do with a parent, ha) 

My first string of LIKES for SPRING: Of course I would begin with TULIPS!  I love tulips and I love seeing them bloom.  I can't wait to move out of the city....I will plant many tulips at our next home. 
Evenings that seem to last forever.  I love that the time changes and you can well enjoy your evenings at home.  I can work at school and still feel productive at home because it is still LIGHT out!  I also don't mind that it is a bit dark when I head off to school...again I feel so productive like an over achiever heading out to work so early! HA  Warmer weather really gets my heart pumping.  I love that when I go to tennis I can get a nice little tan.  

My cons of SPRING: POLLEN!

NEED I SAY MORE!!  Okay I am a huge allergy person and these darn trees are not helping me one bit.  I especially hate the trees with the little brown stringy things (see above picture) that pile up on the car, in our yard, and well our house (thanks to Winston going out the doggie door).  Also I dislike SPRING FEVER at school...something about the warmer weather makes the kiddos go CrAzY!  Thankfully it is normally just a week or two of craziness.

FINALLY the best of all best things I LOVE most about spring is SEVER WEATHER!!  I know it is a randomly odd thing to love but I love WEATHER!!! 

This requires a little background info. I chose college based upon weather.  What?  Yes, I was a full on meteorology major for a good 2 years of college.  I loved everything about weather, except one two things.  A certain PROFESSOR to start with, that was pure EVIL!  I can't really speak of his name or watch his stupid storm chasing show on tv with out that EVIL feeling again!  (UGH to Dr. Joshua Wurman) I dislike this person so much that this weekend we spotted the tornado truck close to our house and I didn't even care to stop!  That is SO not like me.  

Okay off that soap box...the other reason is that well it is not really a PEOPLE person job.  I realized that I am a very social person....meteorologist don't have many people to socialize with really.  Thank heavens I was a meteorology major for 2 years though because I learned so much about something I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and found a great friend! It was an amazing 2 years of radar reading, tornado chasingand a great friendship.  But I have to say my social butterfly tendencies are much happier as a teacher ;-)

Last night we FINALLY arrived into spring, as it was our FIRST batch of sever weather!  I couldn't have been more excited to see the radar light up with reds and yellows. I got overjoyed to see we were under a sever weather warning.  I loved seeing the hook echo form on the screen!  AH, it was pure bliss for me last night.  Oh and did I mention I was lucky enough to marry a man who enjoys sever weather as well.  Who would have guessed, not many people enjoy such things.  I slept like a baby as the thunder cracked around our house!  Sorry to the rest of you non storm lovers, but I am hoping for a very ACTIVE seasons.  Oh and sorry to my dear friend Katie who has a love hate relationship with sever weather....being as she is my best good friend who stuck it out and really did become that wonderful meteorologist!  I'm sure you can understand that she loves the great storms...but hates to be up at all hours covering it for all the people watching!   Love you Katie, sorry you had a late night last night.

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Janna said...

I am a weather nerd too! I LOVE watching the weather when it gets dicey! I love love love my little weatherman here in Austin. I really believe he made me so passionate about the weather with his enthusiasm!