Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Is is Wednesday already?  Wow I can't believe how the week has gone so quickly.  I hope since the first half of the week flew bye....the second half does too!  

What I'm loving this Wednesday are a few little things:

  • There are only 6 Mondays left in the school year!  Yikes that is just scary sounding to me, but happy all at the same time. 
  • Low key week!  I am loving that this week has been pretty low key.  
  • Our sweet pup got his hair cut!!  He is looking as cute as can be, although I think he is cute no matter how raggedy he gets.  But Chris and I both love that Winston thinks he is some speedy dog now with his new hair cut. 

  • That I (smatter than the hubs) took one for the team and visited the Dr. to make my crazy allergies GO AWAY!  After a swift shot in the bum and a little happy zpack I can breath and live my life again!!  Oh happy day!!!  (Chris wised up finally today)

  • Friday I am taking some of my sweet kiddos to dinner and a movie!  They are so excited about it that I get quizzed every morning about it.  I love the pure joy and excitement they have.

  • Also I am loving this know the one who I have been married to for 10 months.  Wow how the time has flown bye.  


David and Elizabeth said...

I absolutely love the color of your wedding flowers. That yellow is so cheery!! :)

Kit said...

Love this post!
Great things you are loving today!