Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Amazing, just amazing

Just a small view of what today's radar looked like!
The weather today that is!  Why do you ask....well the weather created some amazing things today.  Actually it was so amazing that all the meteorologist used a term that is RARELY used unless needed...Today we had a PDS going on just east.  A PDS is a Particularly Dangerous Situation---in non weather terms that means CRAZY TORNADOS, HAIL, and RAIN!!!

See the PDS is when the storms happen to create a dangerous situation that could change at any moment.   The weather is so unstable that the forecasters feel there is an imminent threat to life....Tornados can be expected to not only appear, but be last longer than usual, be very intense, and appear more than once.  It is an OUTRAGEOUS event that rarely occurs.

Of course the people who have been experiencing the multiple tornado warnings, watches, and touch downs probably don't LOVE this as much as I do.  However, I just think that when something this rare happens everyone should enjoy a little of it.  I mean the radar is just amazing looking tonight.  Okay I am going to get off my weather soap box and let you all be!

Stay safe, enjoy the great weather, and take cover if you live around the PDS area! Here are JUST a few of the different tornados that this wonderful storm created....
Outside of Kemp and Gun Barrel City 
Hood county
Near Manbank 
Near Paluxy


Manda said...

soooo scary. I am NOT a tornado person... matter of fact, they make me sweat just thinking about them. I hate hate hate them. lol.. I live in Houston, so i'm not TOO terribly far from the bad weather. I feel so awful for the people experiencing this.

Jessie Whitfield said...

I loveee thunderstorms but definitely not tornadoes!! haha were so lucky that we didn't get close. I cant believe there was so many! But hey April showers bring May flowers.. right? hahaha!