Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekend catch up....

Yesterday was crazy busy.  At school we took a little walk down the road to the park by the zoo.  There we had and egg hunt, graphing activity, lunch, and some play time.  The kids loved all of it!  Actually I couldn't believe how easy it was to get them to do their math activity....just add some eggs and away they go! Ha who knew.  After school I took 4 of my kids to see the movie Rio!  They were so giggly and excited about it all day.  We had a blast and the movie is very cute.  Why did I do this?  Remember back to the beginning of March when I posted about my school's art auction.  Well, each teacher is highly encouraged to donate a teacher treat. My teacher treat was...dinner and a movie!  The parents bid on these teacher prizes and the school gets tons of money.  Everyone wins.  

Today was pretty busy too.  First off I played an extra long tennis match.  My doubles partner and I played so good, but lost in the 3rd set tie breakers.  Boo to that!  However, we were down in the second set 1-4 and came back to win in a tie breaker.  All in all it was a very nice match...even in the crazy wind!  After tennis I RUSHED over to meet up with Janna (my blogging friend).  She also invited her friend Amy who lives close by.  All of us had a blast at lunch.  I loved getting to meet up with Janna in person and meet Amy.  How fun is that?
Janna, me (ignore my sweatiness), and Amy
Sadly, I had to leave a little early to RACE across town and hit up a soccer game.  Three of my sweet girls from class have been dying for me to come. However, their games have all been at 9 and well I have tennis....causing a bit of a scheduling nightmare.  Today they had a 2 o'clock game, so yippee that I got to catch the second half!  Those girls were playing their hearts out.  They have yet to win a game, but today they tied with the other team 0-0!  They were so excited to have kept the other team from scoring.  Oh and did I mention their team is all girls and they play against co-ed teams.  The team today was mostly even more exciting that they stopped them!  I loved watching the girls work so hard!  Actually I learned that I will be a horrible "soccer" mom, it is so stressful to watch....I was yelling like a crazy woman! Ha

After a long day of running around Chris and I went and got pedicures....yes, Chris is dying right now because I just told the world we get pedicures together.  Actually we love to get pedicures together.  We both get to sit back and relax!  Ahhhh my toes were in major need too.  Plus I got to use my new nail polish Janna sent in my package.  Finally home for the night.  We are just kicking it, watching some good old Red Box movies.  I am secretly watching the radar to see if the severe storms are going to make it to our house.  I hope so....I love sleeping during rain, lightening, and thunder!  (pst...I just heard thunder!) Happy Saturday to you all!! 

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Zara said...

I love watching kids play sports, they get so into it. One of the little girls I tutor plays lacrosse and practice is right after we're done working so I usually drive her over there, and she loves when I stay and watch. :-)

PS I wish I could get my Mister to go get a pedi with me. He refuses to have anyone touch his feet. :-/