Saturday, April 02, 2011

Could it be Happiness in a Box!!!

HELLZZZZZ YEAH!!!!  I absolutely love my blog swap partner Janna!!  She is so wonderful and really knows what I love!  I have enjoyed getting to know Janna...we are so similar!
Okay for the much awaited HAPPINESS!!!  Let's just say this box made quite a journey, but it finally arrived.  The funniest thing is that the 2nd package arrived only 2 days later than the first (which was sent 2 weeks ealier...or so we all thought!) Thank you Janna you are too much, really!!!

 Finally it has arrived! I couldn't wait to open it...but did wait for the hubby to watch! 

 Janna even added a super cute note! 
 Plus Reese sent Winston a treat...he couldn't resist! 

 Oh my heavens...this is everything!!!  Look at all the SPRING FUN!!! 

 I love all my new beverages and cups to enjoy them I love YELLOW!
 These were super too...I think the stickers are so amazing! I plan to use them soon for Chris to know JUST what I really want! HA
 HOLLY MOTHER, the most amazing thing ever! SHARPIES and a Life is Good shirt!  ROCK ON!!!
 How cute are these sticky notes too!  I have great uses for them as well. 
Just wanted you to have a close up of my new 80's glam and Caribbean SHARPIE love!

These goodies were sent in the 2nd package. It never fails that once you mail something you realize you FoRgOt a part! HA.
 Some wonderful OPI it! Can't wait to get my nails done!  Oh and the thing I covet more than anything in the world....the nice chrome SHARPIE!  I have wanted this Sharpie for the longest time, Janna you're my hero!
Oh and to top it off...another Life is Good Shirt, super cute head band, a bath "puff" and so much more!
I have loved doing this SPRING BLOG SWAP so much.  Meeting Janna has just brightened my past month.  I have great faith that we will be super snail mail buds (as well as more) for a long while!  Have a super weekend everyone.  I, well I will be enjoying all my goodies!

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Amber said...

How sweet is she?! You got some awesome stuff :)