Saturday, April 09, 2011


NO I am not lost, kidnapped, stranded, or any other random place!  Life is just BuSy!!! Wheewww I am finally sitting down for a moment to get my BLOGGIN FIX!!  Why have I been so busy?

Let's see, Chris has done an amazing job at work!  Thus his great performance arrives his great reward!  Well this award was given out this past week in San of course I HAD to go!  I mean what kind of wife would I be sending him out there alone (did you read that with sarcasm??) I was excited to be able to sneak away and enjoy this trip with Chris.  I could not be more proud of him.  There were many things I learned on this business trip.  Most of which that I love personally love the perks of his job (aka getting that trip) also the people there were so great.  However, the biggest thing I learned was that Chris' company does an AMAZING job of showing their employes great appreciation for hard work.  Not only do they appreciate the employees but the families that support them through it all.  It was so fun to see all the HAPPY workers...and I don't mean happy because they just headed to San Diego.  Truly it seems everyone who works for his company loves their job so much.  I think the key to a happy work environment is appreciation and enthusiastic workers...of which they have accomplished!

Okay so with 3 days in SD, so what did we do!! WALKED all over the places...we stayed in the Seaport Village area.  This place was great because there were tons of cute shops close well as the Gaslamp district!  We also toured the Midway aircraft carrier, which was fun to see up close.  The rest of the time was spent at work dinners and mingling with others!  Here are some of the pics....such a wonderful place there in SD! Oh and just think....I narrowed these pics down, ha.

 Just acting a little silly....

 a look of our hotel...and the bay area

 the view from our room
 just hanging with friends

 some of the flowers I loved them all...and a little bee
the crew that keeps the Midway floating 

 the HUGE statue by the Midway

 Chris on the Midway flight deck...

 Padres opening day

 love the palm tree lined roads sweet hubby showing me some LOVE!!! He is such a mess! 

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