Monday, April 25, 2011

Life as a up

Howdy bloggers!!  Okay I have a fun little idea??  Lately I have been blog surfing stalking and ran across some great newlywed bloggers.

Here's my proposal....a NEWLYWED LINK UP!!

How does it work?  Basically I want to hear from all you newlyweds.  Tell us about what you absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE about being a newlywed.  Then for fun tell us a few challenges you and the hubs are having during the newlywed BLISS!  Married women....DON'T TUNE THIS OUT We newlyweds can use your advice too!  Please fill our souls with some great words of wisdom.

My newlywed bliss moments:

  • *I love* knowing I am going home to my charming husband no matter what kind of day it was
  • *I love* having my hubby beside me for all the good and the bad in life
  • *I love* enjoying the snuggly moments that randomly occur
  • *I love* movie night....we love watching movies together
  • *I love* having someone to vent to when the day is no horrible, and not bothering a friend about it
  • *I love* making those "together" decisions on big and little things (we even picked out our own butter at the grocery store the other day, ha ha ha)
  • *I love* sharing the household jobs (even if he complains a little)
  • *I love* growing closer God with each other
  • *I love* sharing all our "first"
  • *I love* hearing my new name and beaming with happiness....even thought I occasionally have and identity crisis (the other day at school I referred to myself by my old last name, the kids were really confused)
  • *I love* showing off my hubby and how proud he makes me
  • *I love* my husband....enough said! ;-)
Here are a few challenges we have faced thus far: 
  • Learning to live together- although now it is 100 times better....we both had lived on our own for 5 years and were a little set in our own ways!  Now life is getting smoother, but it still has some bumps to work out. 
  • Communication- again another area we have vastly improved on, but can continue to grow in!  We use to talk "at" one know I said what I wanted he "listened" and then did as he we both hear and understand each other pretty well for the most part.  Although I still think it is a male thing, this "listening" but not hearing problem I speak about! 
I think for being 10 months in to marriage we are ROCK'IN it!  Now it's your turn to share what you LOVE about your newlywed life....I can't wait to read all about it.  Don't forget married women, I am open to any wisdom you care to share! :-)  Don't forget to link up!

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