Thursday, April 14, 2011

Catching up, oh and some crawfish.

Okay since I have been so busy the past 2 weeks...I am doing a little blog catch up! We were just lucky enough to have been blessed with family last week (wait was that last week....well you get my drift).  Chris' mom , Teri, and little sister Riley came down here to spend their spring break.  Yeah they wanted to live the freezing temps of good'ol Minnesota for some warmer weather!!  Plus we loved having them here.

First they spent some time with Whitney helping her out.  She was moving to a new place!!  Nothing like phoning your family for some moving help....ha ha we just did that at our house with my family.  Then Riley and Teri moved on over to stay with us.  Oh and did I mention that Lily (the pup) got to come too!  Winston was in heaven with Lily here!  Now this is where I get the WORST BLOGGER AWARD ever!!!  We were so busy that I hardly took any pictures!!  AHHHHH so unlike me!!  Okay on with the fun stuff!

Riley and Teri were such troopers here!  While we were gone to Cali they ran the house!  Little did we realize a huge storm would hit.  This storm apparently was pretty bad as it took part of our fence down! Poor Teri and Riley got to spend the better part of their trip fixing our fence for starters.  They were such hard workers...some spring break right?  Not only did they fix the fence but they helped finish up the yard and flowers!  The house looks amazing outside, oh and inside they also touched up things for us.   You know you can fix things, but it really takes and outsider to hit those areas you need just that special something! THANK YOU TERI AND RILEY!!

Their help was just out of the world.  I don't know how we will ever repay them for all the time spent here.  We loved being able to spend the week with you all!  I wish you lived closer to y'all!  Don't worry the next house will have a guest house so you can stay as long as you wish...that goes to EVERYONE! HA HA....okay so that is my dream anyways!  I mean really a little guest house for any family who wants to visit or just a break from their own house.  How PeRfEcT would that be?  Come back and see us VERY soon gals we love you!!!

Luckily I did get some pics of the group at Bobby's annual crawfish boil.  This is his 7the year of CRAWFISH fun!!!  I a non crawfish lover really enjoy the event for social reason.  The others, well they actually like eating those little creepy crawlers! YIKES  Here are some of the pics from the grand event...and the only ones that I got of Riley and Teri. (yes I am still kicking my own butt on this one)
MMMM....doesn't this excite you?  
The live music!  
What a cute little family pick, Chris with his mom and sister! 
I love this picture of be young. 
 Oh yeah, I was there...and yes I am sporting my tennis gear, just after a match! Ignore the look please!
All the goods ready to be devoured.  
Like sister!  She followed his every move on how to eat the crawfish!  
Say cheese...enjoy that little thing you just spent much time peeling open!  
 Oh and what a pose this is....with crawfish in mouth!  She is such a little ham!!  

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