Monday, April 18, 2011

Fun times

(sorry not the best but it was taken through glass with my iphone)
Silly picture for the day....Winston who snuck behind the couch table.  He just went back there and sat and barked until Chris and I turned to see him.  It was like he was showing off that he could squeeze back there...stinker pants! 

What did your weekend bring you all?  Ours was pretty low key, which was just fine with me.  On Saturday I was up early hitting the courts.  Of course everyone on the team did great.....we are currently in FIRST place!  In Charlie's words, WINNING!! The weather was so wonderful that we couldn't dream of not being out and about.  Chris played some good old golf while I was at tennis.  He was really happy to use his new clubs.  

After our outdoor sports for the day, my good friend Wiggs came to hang out.  The Main Street Art Festival was going on this weekend.  Actually it was a rather busy weekend here in town.  You could pick many things to do....Art Festival, Air Show, Zoo Run, and so much more!  We all headed down to the Art Festival.  Of course, Wiggs and I really enjoyed all the people watching.  Chris and his friend mostly enjoyed the FOOD!  I promise I have not eaten that much JuNk in FoReVeR, but it was all delicious.  I loved getting to see all the "local" artist out showing off their work.  I think it is fun that our town really tries to show off all the local talent with events like this.  Plus who doesn't enjoy a nice 80 degree day with NO wind, good friends, great people watching, and yummy food!

After a long day out and about on Saturday...we kept it pretty low key on Sunday.  First off of course church.  The service was wonderful.  There was a funny note where the church has small white crosses people could place in their yards.  The idea is to have the white side out now....then on Easter you are to turn it around...and it says "He has risen".  Where is the funny part you ask?  Well a member had placed it in their yard and the neighbor came to ask, "Did your dog die?"  Of course their dog had not died, but it did create interest which is a good thing.  The reason I tell you this is random factoid???

That afternoon we did more house hunting.  While we were out and about it was so neat to see all our church's little white crosses sitting in yards.  I don't think Chris and I realized how many church members lived in the area we plan to move too.  Oh and of course every time we saw a cross we made a dog joke!  As far as the houses, well we found 2 we could love!  However, as with most things one must wait.  We have to wait for some people to "love" our house!  HURRY PEOPLE, YOU NEED OUR HOUSE!!  Once there is a love, then we can find our true love.

As for Mondays, well hope yours was uneventful  I feel like Mondays that are very routine tend to make the week start off right.  Mine, well it was pretty routine...our big issue today was too much CHIT CHAT!  But what can you expect with 90 degree weather, gusty winds,  and a full moon.  (I remember leaving Amarillo for a town with NO HIGH WINDS, thus my world has recently been only HIGH WINDS) To top off my Monday I got a sweet phone call from my blog swap bff Janna!  Glad to hear things are going as well as can be over in your area!  Have a SUPER (please read in a high pitched voice, for you Janna) TUESDAY blogging friends!

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Janna said...

I SUPER love you for listening to me totally turned my Monday around...

Hope you have a SUPERCALAFRAGALISTIC spin class in the morning ;)

Thanks for being YOU!