Friday, April 15, 2011

Seven Facts Award

One of my new blog friends Janna, also my blogs swap buddy, gave me an award.  I have never done this type of thing before so I am kind of excited!  Here are the rules:  You post 7 facts about yourself and then you pass on the fun to 7 of your favorite bloggers! 

Here are the RANDOM SEVEN that I came up with. Enjoy!

1. I am the biggest NERD in the world....yes I can say that!  I absolutely love SHARPIES, STICKY NOTES, and OFFICE SUPPLIES!  You could let me lose in any office store and I would be so happy.  Now I would be even more OVERJOYED if I could by everything I wanted there.  One of the best perks of teaching...I can go there and "reasons" with myself on why I HAVE TO HAVE sharpies, stickies, and so much more.  

2.  I dream of being the most organized person in the world.  Okay....that may be a stretch! However, I would love to be more organized....yet don't want to spend all the time doing it.  I also would like a personal assistant to just do all my paper work at school...thus helping me be more organized.  I am probably the best pile organizer you could find around!  I may have piles, but know just where EVERYTHING is at! HA

3.  I would love to be a cute 30 something dresser!! You know trendy and such. Yet I lack the ability to do so in many areas.  One I dislike shopping.  Two I have not style.  Three...I want a PERSONAL SHOPPER!! **HINT HINT HINT***

4.  I am not like the others in my family (all though the hubby may think differently here) I try to get rid of things as I don't need them.  I am always willing to pass something along to Goodwill if it is no longer needed.

5.  I HEART the beach....I would spend every second of every day there if possible.  Sine we live so far away, I dream of vacationing there constantly.  I would love to have a beach house to visit whenever I would like.

6.  When we (Chris and I) chose to start a family...I will be lucky enough to stay home.  I feel so blessed to have this option.  My heart breaks for moms that want this but can't!

7.  This one is for my husband....I can NOT say NO!!  I am such a GIVER that it sometimes causes drama in my life.  I have the hardest time telling people NO.  Although to the hubs it seems like I don't do this enough...I have gotten a "little" better in the past 10 months of marriage.  What can I say I just want to help the WORLD!  Ha

That was a fun...hope you enjoyed some of the little facts! Have a happy weekend.

Oh and now for the lucky 7! 
My 7 Bloggers
Well I hate to pick people and not see them play along!  So let's just say if you have READ my POST, you are TAGGED!  Copy the facts, blog away, and then let me know in my comments.  Happy blogging friends!  I can't wait to read more about you all!

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