Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bobby's 6th Annual Crawfish boil

That's right folks this weekend was the 6th Annual Crawfish Boil!  Unfortunately I had a late tennis match on Saturday, so I had to miss the first hour or so of the boil.  However, side note here, we won our match!!! Now we just need to see if we did it well enough to go to playoffs.  Back to the boil....

Bobby's party is always a blast.  The people there are so much fun to be around.  This year my good friends Kyle and Julie joined in on the fun too.  The crawfish were being taken down quickly, as well as, the beer and ritas.  We had such a great time! I really feel like pictures will tell a much better story.  I mean I think Chris would like me to be proud at the fact that he was "The BEER PONG CHAMP"....however, I have a hard time loving that!  Plus I hate the aftermath of beer pong, dealing with a very "overly" friendly Chris.  Well sure I can't complain to much, at least he is the most loving drunk boy I know. Quote of the night heard many times, "I am going to marry this girl....I love her so much"  All in all it was fun and Chris made it to his bed safe and sound, HA...thus allowing me some free blogging time!
Kyle and Chris
the feeding zone!!!
Casey and Bobby "checking it out" 
Julie and I 
Chris...remember the "CHAMP" with his cuz Casey
the losers.....Ryan and his brother Kyle! (they are all trouble can't you tell)
very proud to see they had 1 cup left and well the brother's had hit none...
enjoying the boil
Baylor boys having fun: Casey, Chris, and Dylan

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