Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our First

set of our Kate Spade Union Street Dinnerware....I am so excited that I can hardly stand myself. I love out Kate Spade plates! Don't get me wrong I LOVE all our gifts, but this was our first china piece! Here you can see Chris opening it up. (I was not looking cute enough for pics of opening, so I had him do it!)
Doesn't he look super excited?  Well I am so that is the best part.  I think the UPS and FED EX men are getting tired of stopping at our house.  This week we have had at least ONE package at our door each day.  On Tuesday it was very fun, because we had 3! Thank you to everyone who has sent goodies our way.  We sit each night and talk about how we will use them!  (I am FIRM believer that we can not use them till AFTER the wedding...Chris doesn't love that answer) Therefore this weekend he has plans to hide them all in the guest room; that way he wont want to use them! HA what a mess he is!!!

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Kara said...

So fun... I love dishes