Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Okay folks I am in need of some good ideas here!  I know you can help me out...because you helped so much on the pictures!  I have been searching, searching, and searching the internet for good "FIRST DANCE SONGS."  I have found a few that I like, Chris doesn't and so on.  Any ideas here would be amazing! I can honestly not spend another day looking over song titles, lyrics, and listening....I am going CRAZY HERE!

Please send me your song, a song your friend use, ANYTHING!!!!  Thanks for all the help!


Kara said...

Well if you have found several that you like, but Chris can't find any he likes, then this sounds like it is now HIS PROBLEM :)

Alyssa said...

I hated that too. We finally settled just a week before the wedding and still don't count it as "our song." I'm no help here. :(

wiggs said...

Don't worry.. I'm up to the challenge!