Monday, April 05, 2010


yesterday Chris, Winston and I spent most of the later afternoon working in the yard.  Does that face below describe how happy that makes all three of us!!

Chris loves yard work; thus Winston loves yard work.  Now that SPRING is here Chris the "BOYS" will spend every Saturday (possibly Sunday too) out working in the yard.  Since last summer Chris has really been working hard on improving the look outside.  Secretly I think he would love to be a landscaper!!  Last year he and his friends built a wonderful pergola in the back yard.  Since then he has been busting his rear to get the grass growing back there.  The back yard is very shady causing the house to stay cool in summer, but the grass, well not such a good thing! Needless to say it is a work in progress.

However, I did do some planting.  I began planting flowers around.  My first step was to plant all our pots...the big pot is not 100% complete yet.  We also planted a few flower around the trees and bushes, but like I stated is all a work in progress!  Sadly I think we will finally have it all looking amazing and then sale the darn house (boo to all that hard work, but more space is nice!).

Here is a little look at what we have done thus far....

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