Friday, April 02, 2010

Google, what will you come up with next....

Google you are amazing! I love you. I love the ease I have when I need to search for something.  I think I can probably Google anything in the world.  If I need an answer and don't know it, where do I turn but to you.  You are like my right hand man!  Life would be nothing with out you.

I then began this blogger thing.  Only because my sister said it was wonderful and a great way to share.  I loved to blog however I have not LOVED the blogger.  I was sad to know that Google could create something I would not love.  I hate the fact that uploading pictures and spell checking can not be done with ease.  Why?  Why must I always switch between old editior and new editor?  If I wanted to spell check it was the old editor...if I wanted to place a picture any where but the top of the blog it was the new editor.  

Many people had said you need to use Firefox or a Mac.  Google let me tell you this...Mac and I, well we DO NOT speak the same lingo!  Yes I know people LOVE the Mac...and we have one in our house!  However I am a PC girl born and raised, therefore Mac is another language to me.  Using Firefox on my PC seemed like I was cheating....I just dealt with the fact that I as a PC user would have to switch between the to editors.  Actually I have become so accustomed to this that it was like I never knew life before.  

Then Google you AMAZED ME!!! You created the perfect match to "Firefox", GOOGLE CHROME!  I am now able to blog and spell check right along the way.  As I type the GOOGLE CHROME corrects my every mistake!  I no longer need to switch back and forth between old editor and new to spell check an place photos.  Now I can just use the new editor (the easiest photo loader) and type away.  Google you keep me alive and happy!  Thank you for making an better browser.  Yes I did fail to mention the speed too...You can upload my web pages in 1 second.  You make waiting a thing of the past!  You have (in my belief) topped "Firefox."  I love you GOOGLE....THANK YOU for making my blogging life easier.  (P.S. Chris thanks you too, because now I am not cursing you out every time I blog; and don't spend half as long blogging!)

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